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  1. Also that badger bivisible is a cool fly Mogup, would probably do well on my small socal streams
  2. I am thinking I will guy the 4 capes for $60 from collins to start then possibly buy whiting half saddles for whatever else I want down the line. Am I able to choose the colours of the capes I get from collins?
  3. Wow thanks for all the responses! Collins is definitely enticing at that price point, I also like the idea their emphasis on quill quality over length and barb count. Are Collins and Charlie the same person? Also I have been tying mostly catskill 14-18 dries but its mostly because the only hackle I have now is old and poor quality so I couldn't tie flies with finer hackles if I wanted too. My local fly shops stock mostly whiting and some metz, would I order collins directly from their website? Also do you find that the value is better with whiting hackle because of the greater feather length and density?
  4. I have been tying for a while now but have been putting off the idea of buying quality hackle because of the price tag but its time I bit the bullet. I am looking to get some Whiting hackle in medium grey dun, brown, grizzly, and golden badger. Anyway, is golden badger an ok substitute for ginger or cream on general mayfly patterns? I like the idea of it being a bit more unique then standard cream or ginger. Also I have been on a big catskill dry fly and winged wet fly kick so I am considering the Hebert Miner line over high n dry or red label hackle, does anyone notice any difference between those three lines or recommend one over the others? Thanks for the help
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