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  1. Well here is my first attempt. A hackle tail with some red spinnerbait skirt strands. Red marabou with red and white buck tail. Lateral scale and then white Congo hair.
  2. Wow thank you everyone for the great information! Ironically I had already grabbed some gama 2/0 B10s as I thought they looked like a good size to try throwing. I also grabbed some 3/0 and 5/0 daiichi 2461 streamer hooks. The rod I have currently is a 9’ 8wt batson revalation and I have 8wt rio big nasty line. I’ve only tried to pike fish once or twice before with this set up and the rod felt real whippy with this line and I didn’t feel like I could load it and shoot it well. Obviously I have almost no experience fishing this set up, so it’s most likely just my lack of skill causing issues currently. Most of my fly fishing has been trout or carp fishing. I’ll have to see how my next trip goes and see if I can figure it out.
  3. That's a good point James. A second hook certainly adds another level of risk unhooking and casting.
  4. Hi all, new to the forum. I have only been fly fishing for less than a year and have been tying flies for a couple of months. I live in NE ohio and have been tying mostly trout and carp flies but I am looking to start tying some pike flies. Currently an 8wt is the heaviest rod I have, and the pike near me don't get incredibly large, so I am looking to tie some middle of the road sized pike flies. Many of the patterns I have seen are single hook, with a substantial amount of material hanging past the bend of the hook. Do people have issues with pike short striking these flies and failing to hook up? I am worried if I tie up some tandem hook steamers that they will be too large and challenging to cast efficiently (I have essentially no experience casting large streamers). Has anyone tied up pike flies with for example a 1" articulation shank in front of a single streamer hook so that the hook point of the single hook is extended back another inch from the head of the fly? Will having that set up cause a strange motion to the fly in the water? Thanks for any opinions or advice!
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