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  1. Received the flies today and they look great. I didn't have many terrestrials so I'm really looking forward to trying these. Thanks @WWKimba for all of the additional goodies and hosting the swaps.
  2. Caterpillars are on the way. Also wanted to show my first attempt at a salmon fly using the coastal deer hair kindly provided by @dogfacedoc
  3. Foam caterpillars. My first time working with foam. Working with fire makes it hard to get uniform legs, unfortunately this is my least consistent batch. I’m just getting busy and want to make sure the flies get out. I always appreciate any tips or feedback.
  4. Received the flies today. Thanks everyone for some great flies. I will get some pictures in the next day or two. the picture does not do the flies justice. L-R , T-B jvmills- elk hair caddis gpnfish - elk hair caddis johnw1986- didn’t see pattern name noseypillow - Klinkhammer Chris_in_LA - tricc spinner stabgnid - pattern name not found dogfacedoc - crackleback niveker - the usual haziz - wingless adams haziz - wingless adams wwkimba - the cdc & elk wwkimba - rackelhanen wwkimba - the crackleback variant
  5. Received the flies today. Thanks everyone for some great flies. I will get some pictures in the next day or two.
  6. Checked the tracking and mine just say delayed. Hopefully they get there before the 28th.
  7. Great bunch of flies. Also thank you @WWKimba and @dogfacedoc for the extras. 1 - WWKimba - The Gimp 2 - WWKimba - Baby Leech 3 - WWKimba - Dark Cahill Wet 4 - WWKimba - Light Cahill Wet 5 - gpnfishWW - couldn’t find name of pattern 6 - Haziz - Partridge and Orange 7 - dogfacedoc - Holy Grail Caddis 8 & 9 - jvmills - Partidge and Peacock
  8. Just got mine. Haven’t had a chance to look at them yet. I will post a picture when I get a chance.
  9. I decided I’m going to tie up some pheasant tail X-caddis flies. If you end up on the Logan River in Utah I know they work well there.
  10. Flies headed your way. I couldn’t decide which to send so I am sending out a set of each.
  11. Not the best picture, but some great flies, Tier 1 flies. Thank you @WWKimba for running these swaps and for the gifts. Edit- I misread, the fly listed as weighted is actually the unweighted Sawyer’s pheasant tail
  12. Just received mine today. I haven’t had a chance to open it and take pictures yet. Now I guess I need to start working on the wet flies.
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