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  1. I'm looking for the hook on the bottom in the photo. It's the last one I have. It's #6 and probably 3X. I purchased a bunch of them over ten years ago and I can't remember where I got them. The hook on the top is just there for comparison. The closest I have come in my search is the Daiichi 1730, however, it differs in two respects. First, the curve of the Daiichi 1730 hook end is almost circular while the curve on my hook is elliptical, breaking back toward the eye sooner. Second, the Daiichi 1730 hook (if you trace the direction of the hook) points just outside the eyelet. My hook points inside the eyelet. If you put a straight edge on the hook point you will see what I mean. I may be crazy (just ask my wife) but I honestly believe that the shape of the hook I am looking for turns a good fly into a great fly. With this hook I have caught a ton of small mouth bass, many over three pounds, with very few misses. Any suggestions on where to find this hook would be appreciated.
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