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  1. Small is good for me. It amazes me how well miniscule nymphs work sometimes. Don’t understand how trout even see them. TT
  2. Your in Caddis! I’ll list your flys as TBD. COOL WE ARE FULL. Mail flys to: T. H. 4266 se mason lane Milwaukie Oregon 97222 TT.
  3. Address to mail flies is now in original post. STILL ONE SPOT OPEN! Would love to have a full swap! TT
  4. Update: I contacted the maker of the hooks. Got a VERRY quick response. They want the remaining hooks left in the package and the broken hooks to examine and offered replacements free of charge. Outstanding customer service. The manufacturer will stay unnamed, although I believe the hooks to be brittle, I will continue to buy this brand as I have tied flys on hundreds of them. After the hooks are examined in their lab I requested to be informed on the results. Hope they do.. TT
  5. Nice idea, I might copy your idea. Have mine 90% done. Still hoping for one more tier to get in. I will post my address soon. TT
  6. This is nothing, compared to the “feather hair extension” craze of 09. I saw single feathers go for 3$ apiece.. People were cleaning out fly shops and selling single feathers on eBay. https://www.glamour.com/story/feather-hair-extensions-tk Tt
  7. Chugbug, I took no offense whatsoever from your original post, I’m Always looking for tying advice. I agree that when tying on long hooks, they can bend repeatedly and eventually fatigue break. I do try to support them with my off hand when doing so. TT
  8. I believe some broke while clamping in vise. I am off to Orvis ( Not the original brand) for a new pack, going to toss out the batch of flys and start over.
  9. Do any of you have a problem with hooks breaking while tying flys? In the last 3 days I have broken 4 hooks while tying up some fat alberts. Aren’t hooks supposed to bend before breaking? A couple flys were finished, noticed they were broken when removed from the vise. Some broke while finishing the head with whip finisher. In my 20 years of tying flys, I’ve maybe broken 3 hooks total before this. All we’re from the same package, same brand. The hook package is blacked out, boat want to mention the brand by name. I have an email in to the hook company, don’t expect much back from them. TT
  10. I’m game, I would like to see pics first. Tt
  11. Your in Prince! Ill put you in as flys TBD Welcome! ONE MORE SPOT TO FILL, TT
  12. Looks like we are stuck at 8. I was hoping for all ten spots, there is still time to pick up a couple more. TT
  13. Flys are in the mail. 01/14/21 since we are in the same area code, look for them soon TT
  14. Your in Doc! looking forward to seeing your versions of this combo. Room for 2 more tiers, BUT: THIS SWAP IS A GO! START TYING, let’s see if we can get this done early! TT
  15. Darrell, your in, great choice. Just one more tier and this swap is a GO! TT
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