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  1. Hey everyone! I've lived in SO for a while now and just wanted to give anyone who needs some advice. On the Applegate try some small yellow caddis flys and some prince nymphs in the deeper holes and some mini muddler minnows. On the Upper Rogue use muddlers, and small wooley buggers (The dry fly action is almost never on in the areas I've fished). I hope you all have tight lines wherever you fish!
  2. @troutmaster08 Can you give me edit access?
  3. It's no soft hackle but it's my own. Thanks for all the advice!!
  4. So I'm a new member to the incredible fly tying community and need advice on how to work soft hackle, any advice?
  5. I would love to put some patterns on here! I'm new and unsure what it I but let's do it! I need easy patterns because I'm new.
  6. Minky (edited) Size 8 streamer hook Tan thread Rabbit fur strip (any color) Pearl chennile I made a small size 12 nymph that smashes bass, and I caught my first yellow perch on it. I'll get a photo in later. Size 12 dry fly hook Brown thread (you can change it, I used it because I'm starting out) Any color rabbit fur 1/8 brass bead
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