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  1. thxs for the reply guys will take it all onboard 👍
  2. hi yes there are lots of different sizes on the bird so plenty of options cheers
  3. it looks a cracking Neck cost me £29 so wanted to see how the quantity was, so yes might just get a Partridge see how i get on take care
  4. only received it today so not opened or tied anything yet and yes looks like there are lots of different sizes on the neck cheers
  5. Hi all just a quick Question, i have been tying size 12's 14's PTN, Hares Ear N and peacock herl N and when ever but not all the time been using CDC for hackle, i have bought a Metz HEN NECK GRIZZLY (black and white markings) will this be ok for my nymphs and spiders ???
  6. 3 bottles of Sally Hanson arrived today, bought online for 7 quid cheap as chips thxs for the advice all
  7. thxs for the advice guys, so the theme here is don't buy the small ripoff bottles of cement you can get from tackle shops lol o and thxs for recommending Dollar Tree Skeet, but there are not much Dollar shops here in Scotland
  8. i was hoping for replies like this as i couldn't see why it had to be expensive fly tying varnish when is you guys have said does the trick
  9. Hi all, just wanted to ask about head cement, i buy the small bottles from my local shop, but does ordinary (hard as nails) nail varnish do the same job as it seems a lot cheaper and you get more of it
  10. yes i bet they are busy, it's like here in Scotland we are less far less populated than England so they were all traveling up here in their camper vans to get away from the VIRUS lol, but they don't stay long it's tooooooo cold for them up here. Remember 1 of the days in YS we were heading to see old faithful and stopped of at smaller sites on the way one of the rivers we crossed was call FIREHOLE RIVER wow what a name We did Little Big Horn, Mount Rushmore and too many to put down here today, but the one park that surprised us the most because we had never heard anyone speak about it was BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK we arrived there on or around 10 Oct 2018 beautiful sunny day the coach dropped us off at one end and we walked round the whole rim of the Canyon and it is still my best memory of our whole trip, we have done the Rocky Mountaineer train, the Cruise up to Glassier bay in Alaska, Grand Canon, Salt Lake City, even the ALAMO lol but the Canyon on that one day was the best.
  11. thxs for the welcome folks looking forward to hearing views from across the water. well as you prob know by now we here in the uk are the first to roll out the new Covid Vac so in a few months time with a bit of luck we can all get back to traveling and living a normal life again, me and my wife have been over to USA many times and we love it, last trip was a see the great parks tour WOW some of the sights we saw were out of this world well ours anyway lol. middle of our tour took us to YELLOWSTONE was in there 2 days and the amount of guys we saw fishing was great to see, so me and a friend had just started speaking about a fishing trip to that area when the big C arrived so prob not this nxt summer but 2022 im hoping to be back in YELLOWSTONE might even go see old faithfull again lol nice to hear from you or if you want to know anything about my area do ask
  12. Hi all thxs for excepting me into your Fly Tying Group. i have been fishing of and on for 40 years or so and have tied 15 years or so, but now i am nearing retirement i have decided to move away from our local trout farms (Rainbows) and lochs and am joining my local river fishing association and it will be wild brownies and if I'm lucky the odd Salmon, i live in Aberdeen on the east coast of Scotland (oil capital of Europe) that's a laugh and another story and if you don't know my neck of the woods Aberdeen is smack in the middle at the mouth of the river Don and river Dee yes the same Dee prince Charlie and all his hangers on fish in all be it about 50 miles or so up river from me so reason for joining is i am more used to lures and streamers and the like, but am at the stage where the day out and nicer environment along with over 30 miles of backs to fish between the 2 rivers beats is what i am after. so tips on brown Trout flies and experiences is what i hope to gain and share with other here. Once again thxs for the acceptance and hope to here from some of you in the future
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