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  1. Thanks for all the feed back! I really appreciate it.
  2. Yeah I wan planning to make red and yellow for UTC and orange and green for UNI for the most common thread sizes. Maybe a 12 pack 6 of each color for $20
  3. Thanks! was thinking about it, I would sell them for $2 each plus shipping but not sure if that would be to exapensive, would cover time and materials.
  4. Here is something I came up with yesterday using a Cricut machine and some colored vinyl. For UTC red = 70 denier yellow = 140 Going to make some for UNI thread sizes as well.
  5. Not sure, been wanting to get into more classic streamers and I saw this one and figured it was a good pattern to start with. I would just swing them down stream into some tail water/ slack water. I have a few more patterns to try out and tie up a dozen or so of each and give them a shot this spring. I always have woolly buggers on me but I thought I should change up my streamer game a little.
  6. Black Ghost Hook:Dai-Riki 700 #8 Thread: UTC 140 Black Tail: Yellow Saddle Hackle Rib: Silver tinsel Body: Black UNI Floss Throat: Yellow Saddle Hackle Wing: White Neck hackle
  7. Thanks, just finished a dozen for the box and I bet you could get them to look just fine I have seen what you can do! and I highly agree what you said about SBPatt’s tie very beautiful but again anything he tied is!
  8. Adams Wolf Hook: Allen D103BL # 14 Thread: UTC 70 grey Tail: Woodchuck Body: Superfine Adams grey Hackle: Coachman brown and grizzly Wings: Calf Body
  9. Damselfly Variant Hook: Dai-Riki 700 # 8 Thread: UTC 140 Black Tail: Olive grizzly Marabou Rib: Black K-Flash Body: SLF Dragonfly Wing: Same as tail Collar: Olive grizzly soft hackle Eyes: 3.2mm black bead chain eyes Head: Same as body
  10. Black and Chartreuse wet Hook: Hanák H280 BL Thread: UTC 70 Black Tag: Glo-Brite #12 Tail: Black Pheasent Tail Body: Black Turkey biot Rib: UTC Chartreuse BR Thorax: Chartreuse Ice Dub Collar: Grizzly Hen
  11. With the automatic norvise bobbin they extra thread would go back onto the spool once you take it off, normally with the norvise bobbins you need to use a cap to stop the thread from being sucked back onto the spool. This will allow me to have up to 7 norvise bobbins with different thread ready to go and a nice place to store them when not in use. Just used the rite bobbins as an example because I haven’t got my norvise system yet, these will go back onto the bobbin wheel I have which is located to the left of this rack.
  12. This is just a proof of concept and I used rite bobbins and the diementions from my other post to build this. The final product will have stainless steel hardware and will be painted. I used 2 O rings from my half hitch mag bobbins behind the front acorn nuts and washer for the thread to be pinched between. What do you guys think? Decided to leave out the room to store extra spools on this and just store them in the box you get them in.
  13. I love the innovation in the fly fishing community always nice to see people thinking outside the box!
  14. Great idea! Hey fly tying isn’t cheap might as well save some money where we can!
  15. Could you tell me the length of the bobbin? Working on my design for the bobbin holder. I’ve decided to do the same for extra spool storage to keep dust off. Thanks for the ideas!
  16. Great idea will for sure be using those, and can get colors to match sizes of threads IE red for UTC 70 and yellow for 140.
  17. I tie right handed and plan to use my left hand to spin the vise head, it will be permenatly fused, so my left hand will be the one doing most of the work. my right hand will still be able to start the thread and whip finish with the help from a whip finish tool. I am pretty sure this system will keep me at the bench for a very long time to come. On a positive note my right hand will be fused straight and should improve my fly casting lol
  18. Thanks a lot for the information, it really is gonna help me get my desk in order for the new vise. Having surgery done to my right hand and it will fix my wrist joint in place so I’ll have little to no rotation in my joint, figured the norvise will be my best option to keep tying.
  19. Getting a Norvise soon and was wondering if anyone knows what the inside dimensions are for the spare spools, planning on making a bobbin and spool holder. Thanks!
  20. Thin Mint Hook: Daiichi 1750 #6 Thread: UTC 70 Olive Bead: 5mm Brass in copper Weight: 30 wraps of .020 lead/lead free Tail: Olive, Brown, and Black Blood quill marabou and Olive Krystal Flash Hackle: Badger dyed brown Rib: Olive Krystal Flash, Medium copper wire Body: Peacock hurl Collar: Peacock Ice Dubbing
  21. Welcome, this is a great group of people on this forum. I I’m from Oswego area, we have great fishing in this state and horrible winters but they do allow us time to fill our boxes back up in between snow blowing lol.
  22. Wet Fly, no name that I know of. Hook: Alec Jackson Covert nymph Thread: UTC 70 Black Butt: Red Glo-Brite Tag: UNI French Small Tail: Golden Pheasent tips dyed red Body: Hare’s masked dyed Cherry red Rib: Same as tag Body Hackle: Black cock cape Collar: Grizzle hen cape
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