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  1. Caddis emerger I think lol, or dead hopper trying to come up with something with materials on hand
  2. 5 nymphs from drinking scotch and relaxing, size 14 hooks, 2 are daiichi 1270 hooks and the others are Umpqua tmc2487 hooks, trying to decide on what I like better. 13/0 black thread My custom blend of dubbing or dark shade rainbow scud dubbing Red pheasant tail feather and regular Red, copper, green wire ultra fine Any hook will work
  3. Articulated bugger 1st attempt
  4. Please critique away, always looking for advice. I love nymphs. Size 10 daiichi scud hook Brown glass bead Purple, black, green wire (ribbing) Pearl ice wrap Uv scud dubbing Pheasant tail (green) 8/0 green thread
  5. On the norvise, I think I'm in love
  6. Been a minute, lol also won a norvise
  7. Some help from my mini me she chose the materials I tied them on. Tied it yesterday.
  8. Completed my wally wing mayfly, what ya think
  9. 1st real attempt at wally wings
  10. Just to dam sexy, awesome job!!!
  11. Not really sure everything is super scarce, the 3rd hand being the rarest. But it's nice to have a goal. But I think there's a bobbin, bobbin holder, tweezers, and most of the stuff in a normal tool set.
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