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  1. BIG AMEN! I don’t miss it or IG. Other better fishing groups available.
  2. Thx, Well I’m a yankee too. I normally live in pa. In Florida temporary and loving saltwater fly fishing
  3. The D&D picture I just retied head last night. Have yet to test. The unholy diver I attached is one of the 6 that swims correctly
  4. It’s the sensoring of one side and not the other. I’m done with any political comments. Fed up with all of it. I’ll miss my fishing groups but owell.
  5. I got 1 out of 5 that don’t spin. Then I tied a unholy diver which is a D&D but tied with craft fur and it works great. I’ll look closer at the everything on those 4. matter of fact my buddy bought some of those flies at the orvis shop in pa at a discount and all of them spin. Must be a common thing.
  6. Good evening, ive been tying some drunk and disorderly flies lately and went out to a local pond to test them and some of them spin when retrieved. Couple I tied though swim perfect. Any suggestions why they might spin? I trimmed bottom completely flat. I’m thinking it could be the head is not symmetrical or the hooks I’m using. First few I used a hook with a 60 degree bend. Last one I tied which swims good I used a 26 degree bend hook and it’s good. IDK. when you trim the head does it have to be perfect?
  7. Greetings everyone from Florida! Long time fly tyer severing ties from FB. I love to tie all kinds of flies for most all fish species.
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