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  1. Good evening folks. I wanted to reach out for additional recommended patterns for sunfish and potentially small bass. I will be fishing a small pond on siblings property. I am sure the wooly bugger will be a great go-to. But are there other patterns you would recommend a new fly tier. I typically wacky rig fished with senkos on his property, so I purchased materials to make some san juan worms as well. Looking forward to everyones recommendations. Thank you!
  2. Absolutely thrilled! I went out to the local pond today for 1 hour. I caught my first fish on flyrod and to make it even that much better my first fish was on my very own homemade wooly bugger. It was exhilarating. I am definitely hooked. Its amazing how a small bluegill can feel like a whale on the rod. Thank you all so much for your encouragement!
  3. Got the fly tyers bench reference for $30
  4. What quantity of each variation of fly does most tyers keep in their tackle on an outing? 5 maybe?
  5. When you say inexpensive grizzly hackle... what price range would that be. I have to wonder if i am paying more at BP simply because we do not have a local fly shop. Thanks for the advice.
  6. So do you make several flys from one maribou feather? and or several flys from one hackle feather? I am thinking you could pending the size of the hook. This one I made is using a size 10. I also found a good video to watch on youtube.
  7. Ok folks... here it is... but i must say i have sooooo many questions now after making my first fly/bugger... first i only used 1 marabou feather and 1 saddle feather and i have so much scrap from just those feathers. Do you use this for dubbing or do most folks scrap it. You will see the scrap in one picture. Im just curious if most folks repurpose it or if its trash. Thank you all and critique is welcome. Second how do you keep the material on the shank so straight? Is this all dependent upon thread tension?? Like do you wrap lightly then tighten up... thats what i did and it seemed to help.. but it still needs work. I am also wondering if i didnt pull the maribou in the right spot its more fibrous at the end so i took some of that of but looking at it i probably should have come in closer to the more soft plush part of the feather... there must be a sweet spot. Do you use q maribou feather to make multiple flys?
  8. Ohh man chugbug i wish i had seen your post while at bass pro! I feel like i spent too much now haha. Well... here is what i ended up getting fellaz. And I agree i have so much to learn i have never seen so many hook types lol. I meed to read up on fly fishing books. So many terms to understand. Please see the photos below. I hope this can get me started to make some wooley buggers for panfish and bass. Plan to get started here in a few minutes. If you see anything that was a bad choice please let me know asap and ill hold off opening it. Pending yalls response. Bless you, David.
  9. Wow thank you all for the support. I didnt expect to have this many responses this morning. I will plan to visit BP tonight to swap out the material kit. My first intent would be that i would be able to use up all the materials in it and tye flys according to a booklet and that just wasnt the case. I will find materials for a wooley bugger and begin there. Any recommended hook size for panfish and 1 to 2 lb LMB? Thank you!
  10. Good evening ladies and gents. I am completely new to the realm of fly tying. Ive never even tied a fly yet. I recently purchased a basic cabelas vise from bass pro along with a cabelas toolset and a Waspi material set. Upon opening the material kit i was suprised many of the recommended supplies in the booklet were not even in the kit. I have heard a wooley bugger is a great go to for tying and fishing. I am thinking it may be a wise decision to take the Wapsi kit back and get $35 back and buy separate supplies. Do you think this would be a wiser decision? Any wooley bugger recommendations or builds are appreciated. Thank you! David
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