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  1. Same here; simple is better. Gonna have to tie a few. Great looking fly.
  2. Ok I got some ideas from all of you. Cranked out a few on #8, #6, #2 and a 1/0. Bass ate the one on #2 hook and the brim seem to like the smallest batch. Gonna try the 1/0 in a couple days. IMG_3422.MOV
  3. Trying to emulate it again, That is one heck of a crab fly sir. Well done.
  4. Trying some larger eyes on this one. We’ll see what happens. May try and angle them a little more toward the front.
  5. Great ideas. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. The eyes are black nail polish dropped on with toothpick. Got to find a better way cause it’s pretty tricky. I have screwed up a few times on the eyes.
  7. Hauled in a bass and brim. on these two. I try to keep it simple and the fish don’t seem to mind. Wings are from buck tail since I can’t find any elk hair. More wing ideas would be appreciated. These were on a 6 and an 8. Got a few good ideas from you guys for sure.
  8. Actually from an 8
  9. Yea if possible I to leave as much of the label as I can. Make em as large as I need. 7-8 wt or for my 5 wt. Darn simple but work great. IMG_3278.MOV
  10. put the Wino in service. Drink the wine and recycle the cork. What a deal.
  11. I picked up a couple of the Classic Accessories Cumberland Float Tube. Got a great price and couldn’t resist. It payed off, they work great, sit high and fold up to small size and can inflate em in a hurry with a 10 dollar plug in to you vehicle pump. Mind you not as fast as my kayak or large boat but fits in the arsenal of equipment well. https://classicaccessories.com/cumberland-float-tube
  12. Nice looking flies. What technique are you using for the painted spots. Paint or something else?
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