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  1. Thank you! I just found some French oval ribbing in my kit... It is size small ... for a size 8 streamer what size is reccomended? Medium ? Or large?
  2. Guys...I used Vevus holographic tinsel ribbing on this fly.. good news the fish flat out crushed it, bad news is the tinsel broke after the 10th fish . Any way to make this more durable... or a suggestion to equally sparkly ribbing that is more durable? i used this same tinsel on a Royal renegade and it lookes like it’s getting chewed. was thinking perhaps of using gold crystal flash
  3. Okay guys.... calling this one the Bob n Pete Fly if this don’t get the job done i dunno what will! I used the smaller prop on this ala Dr Vette...but will be tying with a larger as well. also tied the downsized variant that Dr Vette reccomended with 2mm bead n small prop. and I will be swimming some with plastic beads no wire. and my prop leech as well.. only because the jigging action is over the top
  4. Knotjoe: Thank you!! Great Idea...This will be the ticket!! Much easier and less expensive to tie. Always swims point up! i still will swim my original prop leech.. it has a more aggressive jigging action ... April 1st will be the beginning of field tests!
  5. Niveker: Only in the sink so far.. took a couple try’s but u need to use the correct size bead such that the bead is at least 2 bead widths ahead of the jig hook eye to get the right angle and have the fly track correctly . the issue I have with pistol Pete flys is the hit to land ratio is 50% Dr Vette recommended the small prop and smallest bead to get the job done. i wanted to see the effect of changing hook to point up to get an upper lip hook set . This can only be tied as a leech. Hackle is too intrusive. i also have a couple pistol Pete’s tied on size 6 daiichi Aberdeen’s with a 2mm bead and small prop. when i first tried float n fly fishing I tied up some Dick Empe’s Deadly shiners... same deal poor hookup ratio.
  6. This is what I made... seems to work(swim) better as a leech without hackle
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