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  1. Scott. Nice Fly to start us off with this month
  2. Nice find I’m always look for material for making flies
  3. Nice Fly’s hope you have fun on your trip take care of that cut hate to see you out there fishing with one finger gone.
  4. Very nice Fly’s. There’s a few that lay colored eggs. I would love to try some of the Scapple
  5. Here’s another Generic Pattern I tyed the other night. Mostly for practice but I will fish it who knows. #16 Hook Olive green thread Chezh Yellow Bead White feather from a chick I hatched in March.
  6. Not really just going with a Generic pattern
  7. I was trying to go for a wing pattern
  8. Thanks for the advise Guys I’ll keep tying and learning.
  9. Yes I know going to find a different place that has better lighting
  10. Here’s one I tyed using a bead. This was the first time using a bead. # 16 Daiichi hook 2mm Brown Iris Czech Bead from Hobby Lobby Olive Dubbing Red Thread The Wings were from a feather I found in the hen house
  11. Last night I tyed this with a hen feather I found in the hen house yesterday. This was my first time tying a Fly with a Hackle feather #16. Hook Olive brown dubbing 8/0 Black thread Hackle is from one of my Production Red Chickens.
  12. Thanks for the complements. I’ll keep a eye out for one in the hen house and give it a try.
  13. Orange Sherbet Scud. Thanks guys for the welcome. Here’s one I tyed last night
  14. Do you guys care if I post some Fly’s I’ve done so far here? I’m just starting back up fly tying so be gentle.
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