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  1. Thanks guys for the info. I've been tying for 45+ years, 10 of those commercially and have more vises than I care to admit. I've been eyeballing the TRV for some time but I also have my eye on a Renzetti Master Vise. I had a salt water Renzetti for a few years but recently sold it. It was a very good vise . I sold off a few other vises recently and wanted to add a new one. On the TRV do any of you find the star knob for tightening the hook to be in the way when tying? Thanks again. Terry
  2. I know this a very old thread on the HMH TRV but I wondering since I might purchase one, of the vise owners who posted here in the past.....are you still using the vise and if so what has been you long term opinion on the vise? Thank you. Terry
  3. XPATier

    C&F vise

    You guys really didn't need to be condescending to the guy. He asked a question about a particular vise. Just because some you won't spend a dime on anything there are those of us who appreciate tying on a high quality vise and can also appreciate the machining and finish a manufactures puts into their product. Some of you probably scare off newbies and that's not what this hobby or forum should be about. One thing I've noticed is over the years as a guy gets better and better at tying, most want to move up to a high quality vise and there is nothing wrong with that if it's in his means to do so. I was raised up and taught that if you don't have something nice to say.....don't say anything. Sorry I stepped in here today. Back to tying on my $650 vise. Hmmmm....but which one?
  4. XPATier

    C&F vise

    You might want to also look at the Jvise. It's very high quality and will save you a few hundred. http://www.jvise.com
  5. I'd be real careful if I was you IF you don't have permission from Morris Media to copy and do this. It's all copyright material and you could be heading into legal troubles if you copy and sell their work. I battle this all the time with people who copy and repost my work as there own.
  6. FliesByNight ....You are incorrect in your post that "Any bobbin with a mechanical tensioner has to be adjusted for different tensions even if you can squeeze the spool. The Norvise bobbin you mention must have a spring to control the length of the thread that requires periodic adjusting." Neither the Norvise or the Ekich bobbin need ANY ADJUSTMENT to the mechanical tensioner. I've tied with both for years and never have they needed adjustment to the tensioner. Both are sealed units. Terry
  7. I have 4 of the Ekich Bobbins. You can only put the thread spool on one way. If if doesn't retrieve, take it off and put it on the other way. Most but not all brands of thread fit on the arbor. Some are too small but a quick reaming or a drill open the spools right up to fit correctly. I had a few Norvise bobbins but I found having to wind each empty bobbin was a pain plus you loose the factory tension on the factory spools. Thread control is very important when tying but a lot of tyers haven't figured that out yet. It's all about thread control. Ekich makes a great bobbin worth every penny.
  8. Great job! Thanks for teaching the youth.
  9. A mop fly doesn't teach any fly tying skills. The wooly bugger taught the technique of tying a fly and gave the new tyer a foundation to build on. You aren't teaching anyone anything doing mop flies. Next they'll move on to foam and crazy glue.
  10. I tried a few different ones including a homemade one and finally gave in and bought the Regal one. I like it and use it often. It's not cheap but works the best of all the ones I tried.
  11. Use to tie 1,000s of these back when I was tying commercially. Just search YouTube for "tying glo bugs". There are a bunch of videos. It's just 3 pieces of yarn tied in together and one quick snip with the scissors. Very quick and easy to do.
  12. To each his own I guess. Some people drive old Honda's others drive new BMWs.
  13. My name is Terry and I have a vise addiction. I've been tying for 45+ years, 10 of those years commercially and I have accumulated a lot of material, hooks, tools and oh boy...vises. Today my newest vise arrived, a Regal Revolution with the Stainless Steel Jaws. Oh what a nice vise. I have another revolution with the standard head and it's nice...very nice but the stainless jaws give you lots of room to work. It's a bit pricey, but worth it. I'm going to enjoy tying on this new vise. In my arsenal I have Dyna-King, Renzetti's and Regals. Anyone else have my problem? It's ok.....life is too short not to enjoy it.
  14. Oh I miss scrapple....and Taylor Pork Roll....and Philly Cheesesteaks. Ok...you made me homesick.
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