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  1. To each his own I guess. Some people drive old Honda's others drive new BMWs.
  2. My name is Terry and I have a vise addiction. I've been tying for 45+ years, 10 of those years commercially and I have accumulated a lot of material, hooks, tools and oh boy...vises. Today my newest vise arrived, a Regal Revolution with the Stainless Steel Jaws. Oh what a nice vise. I have another revolution with the standard head and it's nice...very nice but the stainless jaws give you lots of room to work. It's a bit pricey, but worth it. I'm going to enjoy tying on this new vise. In my arsenal I have Dyna-King, Renzetti's and Regals. Anyone else have my problem? It's ok.....life is too short not to enjoy it.
  3. Oh I miss scrapple....and Taylor Pork Roll....and Philly Cheesesteaks. Ok...you made me homesick.
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