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  1. Thank you very much @WWKimba for the explanation and links. I will 100% give it a go and give it a throw when I am next out in the water.
  2. Try this. It is not sparkly but has a slight metallic sheen. Attached is the claret version of it.
  3. Thank you all for the suggestions. I have never seen nor heard tell of a mrs simpson or caddis emerger. I will give them a try! I thought they may be too stiff/similar to cock hackle with not enough movement to be used as substitute soft hackle, but I will also give that a try. Apologies, what i meant by uk patterns was along the lines of bumbles, dabblers, mayflies sedges etc. I have seen some patterns used in USA and Canada but I am unsure how well they would work for wild fish in mountain lakes here in ireland/Scotland. For example i have never seen anyone use a mrs simpson or even seen it in any tackle shops. Maybe I have les a sheltered life Thanks again I appreciate any the advice!
  4. Hi, I purchased a few pheasant rump patches to tie some octopus patterns for lough trout here in ireland. However i will never get through all those feathers. I was hoping someone could give me some examples of other (uk) patterns that they could used for? Thank you very much. Kindest regards, Connor
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