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  1. Thanks to all for your input. Sure appreciate your help. Tellumnothing
  2. Thanks Sandan but I am not using "topping crest feathers." I'm using full feather tippets. See the Durham Ranger.
  3. I am tying the Orange Parsons using Mr. G. S. "Stack" Scovilles SBS directions from a 2006 copy of fly fishing magazine. Everything is going fine until I came to attaching the full feather golden pheasant tippets. I know the feather stem is naturally formed in an oval configuration and I am supposed to "flatten" the feather prior to attaching. It doesn't do any good to flatten the feather with the oval so how do you flatten it against the oval to make it sit perpendicular to the hook when it is tied on the top? This has bugged me for 20 years. Thanks for your help. Tellumnothing
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