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  1. skeet3t, I fish in northern Wisconsin. The gills I normally keep are 8"-9". We did have a day last year where we had 5 over 10".
  2. Thanks for the advice. I've been fishing bluegills here for almost 60 years and have fly fished them for at least 50 years. I always have legs on my wet flies and the sponge spiders. We have gills up to 11" (that's the largest I've caught) and I do miss the smaller ones but can live with it. If I'm into a bunch of small ones, I keep moving until I find larger fish. Kim, is there a certain style of hook I should use or just use a common nymph hook?
  3. What size and style hook should I use for tying sponge spiders for bluegills? I use a #10 long hook for the wet flies but wasn't sure the type and style for sponges. Thanks
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