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  1. Poppers off the vise this past week Hook BS 10 size 1 Stacked deer hair face and bottom is flex coated
  2. Just finished the one on the left. It’s a pattern I copied from Andreas Andersson maybe with trout opener around the corner maybe someone should tie a Hendrickson or little black caddis
  3. Our Club always has always put on a good show. I tied both days and had a blast!
  4. Popper Hook: Ahrex size 4 Legs: Cohens creatures Frog Legs Hackle: American Rooster Body: multiple shades deer hair ( stacked) Eyes: 1/4” Hologram dome eyes
  5. Another deer hair hair off the vice Dalhberg Diver Hook: 4/0 Ahrex Tail: buck tail, flash, marabou Body: Blue, Black, Orange ‘stacked’ deer hair
  6. Diver Hook: 2/0 Arex hook Tail; bucktail, capon , flash, marabou Body: deer hair, lots of deer hair
  7. Tied this in 94,13 years ago I drifted off of these, partly the cost to acquire the real materials as well as time involved. Deer hair flies and steelhead have takin over. Not sure why photo doesn’t show as usual please let me know if it doesn’t open 9EDD16E3-10BB-4746-9E58-AD322CE48B6F.webp
  8. I’ll put some in the group of things I’m sending u. Sort for delay but with holidays and settling up an estate I’ve put it off
  9. Ripped some lips in Erie! Tough fishing conditions stepped out of river with a high of 34 degrees
  10. Love all the Doctors, tied a while back
  11. Woo, I see Steelhead possibility in this one
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