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  1. @flytire @skeet3t @Poopdeck Thanks for much for taking the time writing out a response! I grouped you 3 since they're all under the same consensus. I hope that Tight Flies can provide features for you beyond tracking your tying gear as we plan to go beyond that. Our goal it to provide a modern application for tiers, inspired by Eli Robillard's The SuperFly Fishing Machine, that can simply improve your experience. If the current features don't do that for you, that's totally fine! We look forward to building features that reach groups who aren't interested in material tracking. Again thanks for the feedback!
  2. @mikechell Thanks for the welcome! The whole basis around community involvement is strictly for building out features that would assist in our fly fishing and fly tying hobby. Our team has ideas, but we really want to hear and implement feedback from the community. As for your data, it’s yours and yours only. Tight Flies app doesn’t share data across users so nobody else knows what’s in your inventory. All of our current features are solely design for private collection. Hope that clears it up!
  3. Thank you! Great question! I started out using a spreadsheet to manage my materials, it’s super familiar and without a doubt a go-to option. That being said it felt lacking and limited when it came to searching and bucketing your gear. So with that, Tight Flies extends off of the spreadsheet: 1. Tag system; allows you to apply multiple tags to an item for quick filtering and better organization. Let’s say you want to see all your salt water gear, one click away you’ll see all your items with that tag. Those same items could have other tags or a category such as “Hook”, now you’ll be able to see all your salt water hooks. Streamlining how you look up what you have tucked away on your bench. 2. Availability; I wanted a way to see what I was running out of as I tied flies. By setting a low threshold value, if your quantity dips below that, it’ll automatically update your status for you. So if you go to a fly shop, forget what you’re running low on, apply a filter to that status and see everything that’s low (or create and apply a “Need to buy”). 3. Community Involvement; Tight Flies is starting off with a simple inventory management feature, but our plan is to build features that the community wants to see. We strive to apply constant feedback and features for y’all to vote on through our polling system. Building out features designed specifically for fly fishing and fly tying is something. Hope that answers your question, appreciate you reaching out!
  4. Hey all, name is Josh! Been in the Fly Fishing world for around 10 years, 3 of those years actually doing some tying! I'm up in Northern Colorado and sometimes feel like I live in paradise. Look forward to being more involved in the fly tying community. That being said, I've been working on an application to help track and manage our fly fishing and fly tying gear (TightFlies.com). I really want this app to be community involved and desire to build a utility that truly helps us out in the hobby we love. It's currently in early access and open for everyone to check out. Thanks for the welcomes! Josh @ TightFlies Site: https://tightflies.com/ Reddit: r/TightFliesApp
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