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  1. Looking good Mark! We have burbot up at our Northern MI lake house too (Burt Lake) - they are a wonderful tasting fish!
  2. Poster looking tie Jaydub - amazing work!
  3. First attempt at an articulated fly. spirit river BB089 sz 10 in the rear spirit river BB089 sz 6 up front Fiery Brown saddle hackle, medium brown krystal hackle body, sculpin olive marabou, UTC 140 dark brown, beadalon with glass bead
  4. Looks like it’ll gobble to me TT! That’s really a neat, creative tie!
  5. Challenge for sure! Don’t have that level of skill, but looking forward to seeing the entries!
  6. Can you confirm my box had arrived? Hope it’s ok for whom we had discussed
  7. The sleigh has departed. Hope the package isn’t too large. Nick- I included cash for the postage/packaging for final destination.
  8. Slumpbuster on a #8 8808 1X Orvis hook Silver mini flat braid and olive pine squirrel zonker
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