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  1. Thanks Niveker- wasn’t sure if it was only for expert tiers, as all the flies seem to be photographed well, with proper lighting and include materials used with history for some.
  2. I suppose I should have inquired if it’s ok to post here…. I read the post in regards to giving feedback/critiques, but didn’t see anything about what’s required. Thanks!
  3. Couple I tied last night. Enjoying it this far.
  4. BillNye- that just looks dangerous…. “Salty Dangerous “. Nicely done
  5. Hey Steve, I'm in East China (just a stones throw N. of Marine City). Live on the Belle River (one tributary that could be a magazine cover, but very poor fishing). I work down at Selfridge, which is where I piddle around at lunch on the banks of Lake St. Clair. Today's bite was on fire! Large hatch of "Fish Flies" and the bluegill were popping all over for them. I caught between 52-55 (lost count) in an hour lunch break. I'd say easily 75-80% were keepers. Such a fun outing. Saw a funny looking small mouth laying in the shade of the break wall, took off the dry and tied on small headed nymph. Put it right in front of him and he sucked it in. Being I didn't have a net and didn't want to push the limits of both my tippet, but more importantly my rod tip - he got a play till he gets off with a head shake game. Something wasn't quite right with his coloring - appeared to be spotted with white; much like a koi fish would be. If you're ever over here to the East, let me know - more than welcome to come try at Selfridge with me.
  6. Hello Niveker, If I recall, it was a "let's try this" type of tie. Cabelas brand orange brass bead on a #14 hook that came in the fly tying kit I purchased. Red thread, couple strands of flash off the tail with a 3-5 piece deer hair tail. Then wrapped with a green sparkle dubbing material. The bluegill seem to be liking it!
  7. Great point Silver Creek! I've actually used Tippet while jigging for walleye too with my spinning reels
  8. Very true, I've caught them on all sorts of candy and items from Mom's fridge as a kid. Just stating that my tying isn't "pretty" yet.
  9. Afternoon, Little wind here in S.E. Michigan today, so I took full advantage of lunch break to catch a few panfish. This was the 1st fish on a fly that I tied, so I was pretty happy about that. Tying still needs some work for sure, but was grinning ear to ear! Thinking next time I'll have to bring the basket - limit of 25 would make for a good fish fry for work peers. Beautiful color on the gills right now!.
  10. Hello Gillage, Grew up on Sunset Lake (173acre) in Girard, IL. Worked/Fished quite a bit down at Otter Lake (765acre) as well. I'll for sure shoot you a message when I'm back in the state.
  11. Quite a generous offer! We tried the pheasants at our hobby farm in Northern Michigan... Found piles of feathers. No clue what kept getting into the chicken coop. Rarely got the chickens, but boy oh boy did "it" do carnage on those pheasants. I'm a new member here myself and just getting started in tying. I may take you up on the offer with anything you have - good to practice with and heck, the panfish may like it too!
  12. Hello All, Just joined the forum to aid in my adventure of taking fly fishing up again. Name is Blaine and like the title states, I reside in S.E. Michigan. Grew up on a smaller (600+ acre) lake in central Illinois and fishing was a constant. In fact, my late grandfather bought me my first fishing rod the day I was born. Grew up fishing creeks and farm ponds for panfish, catfish, and turtles. As I grew in age, largemouth became the target species. Got into bait casting at an early age and getting that "wall hanger" of a Largemouth was the goal. With luck on my Dad's side, he got his 7 lber mounted and I then said I'm not getting one done until it's bigger than that - heck of a benchmark! Needless to say, I do not have a mounted Largemouth... yet. On with it... Dad and Mom took us at least once a year down to Missouri to a little gem named Montauk State Park. That is where I cut my teeth on trout. Starting with spinning gear, we would watch my Dad and his fly rod with dreams of doing the same. I recall one summer day he tied on one of Grandpa's old nymphs for some bluegill in the back yard - so it began. He gave my brother and I the "not now..... now" casting class and soon I was on my way. Dropped fly fishing in college and focused on school (catfishing with a case of PBR). After graduating (SIUC- Aviation Technologies) my now wife and I moved to West Yellowstone, MT. Left the baitcasters and stink bait in IL and dusted off the fly rod I learned on as a kid. Regret not taking full advantage of the fishing out there, but other hobbies took the front while we lived there. Fast forward, I have dusted off the fly rod and purchased a fly tying kit (i know i know... buy once cry once for the good stuff). Getting my feet wet with that and focusing on panfish with the end goal being tying my own flies and getting after some small mouth in my local waters (Lake St. Clair/ St. Clair River). Looking forward to learning more about fly fishing and reading/sharing stories along the way. Nice to (virtually) meet everyone, Blaine
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