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  1. Great read and awesome tie! Thanks for the work put into the step by step! @niveker- I too enjoy the signature. Spent far too long searching for it in step 7 as well.
  2. Thanks poopdeck. I’ve reached out to a liaison. Odds of them being an angler… we shall see
  3. Thanks for the comments, and yes SilverCreek and Flytire I found those statements a while ago too. @Poopdeck Thanks for that info as well, I may be in the same mindset the way it is looking; "they just don't want people fishing". We support a mission out of the NATO Air Base just outside Geilenkirchen. Just wondering if anyone had actual experience, opposed to the results of a google search.
  4. Morning Gang - Happy Sunday, Far cry, but wanted to inquire if any knew fishing opportunities around Geilenkirchen, Germany? I'm heading back over in late January for a month or two (they claim). Went last year and saw a couple ponds just off base, but believe that was in the Netherlands. Either way, with such great experience and some members across the pond, thought it'd be worth asking. Google provided me with this: https://angelpark-wegberg.de/, which is a bit of a drive. Appears to be doable with a small fee for non-resident fishing licensing. Thanks, Blaine
  5. Outstanding! What a generous offer - I'm already looking forward to next year's Christmas swap. Someone will be very happy with that extra box! Also, thank you for donating to those outside organizations. We, as a group are part of something greater than ourselves in this act of kindness. I'm proud about that.
  6. Watched Mr. Craven tie it on a youtube video last night - looks like a really neat fly!
  7. Sweet! Being new to fly tying, I don’t know many patterns yet and had to google it. Sure looks much like everything else called the Madam X! 👍🏼
  8. Slump Buster-ish tie. Hopefully on the diet for some bass come spring
  9. That’s how I am with my wife’s woodworking hobby / now small business. Easy to to buy for her and we can both use it (if she lets me). Tell ya what though, her router bit wish list is getting rather shocking. Thinking by next year I’ll be able to add a new fly rod for a stocking stuffer 😜
  10. I should probably find a few non-fishing related items just to stay out of the dog house! Plus, generally speaking, tying items are on the small side and we have rather oversized stockings - may need to ball up some wrapping paper or I'm going to go broke!
  11. Just placed an order with Wholesale Fly Company. Looking forward to trying barbless for the first time. So fun when the wife says, "Order some stuff so I can put it in your stocking".
  12. Boy oh Boy, does that sure put me in the spirit! Thanks for the update; patiently waiting...kinda, haha!
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