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  1. Hi All thanks for the add. I have just begun to envy the art form each of you practice (my son has recently taken up fly fishing). Anyway- if this is not allowed, I apologize and will remove- I raise about 14 species of ornamental pheasants and every yr, my pens are littered with molted feathers. My son suggested that instead of throwing them in the burn pile, a fly tier maybe could use them. So I would like to donate them to those who may be interested- I raise the following- Amherst, Golden, Swinhoe, Temnick Tragopan, Edwards, Elliot, Reeves, White Crested Kalij, Blue Ear, Grey Jungle fowl, green jungle fowl, grey peacock pheasant, germain peacock pheasant, palawan peacock pheasant, Cheer, and Siamese Fireback If anyone is interested, all I ask is that you send me a self addressed, self stamped envolope AFTER making contact to see if the species interested in has begun molt yet.
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