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  1. Hi- Thanks for the heads up. It is my understanding that because I purchased said material, that manipulation of that material for personal use is legal. I am not looking to Sell anything. Thanks
  2. I am looking for the 1995 issues of Fly Tyer Magazine. This would be Volume 1- issues 1-2-3-4. I am willing to purchase these 4 issues, but at the very least would appreciate a scan of the front cover, the back cover, the table of contents, and the columns page in that order. I have scanned every issue from 1996- Volume 2- issues 1-2-3-4 to 2022 - Volume 28- issues 1-2, which is currently up to date with the published issues. I am currently attempting to put this into a usable format that would allow the user to access information without having to physically flip through each issue. Any info or help would be appreciated. Chris
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