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  1. I am looking for fly tying thread, 70 or 140 denier, that will maintain its color when coated with UV or head cement. Does such a thread exist? When tying some Perdigon flies and shad flies, I was looking for a bright red collar with some "pop". When I applied UV cement to the Wapsi Ultra Thread 140, the color dulled and disappeared. For grins, I tried a couple wraps of some old "A" size rod-wrapping thread, I believe it was Gudebrod "NCP" (No Color Preserver) thread from when I built fly rods many years ago, and it gave me the color contrast I was looking for and it remained very bright under the UV cement. Sadly, I am about out of that thread, plus "A" thread is tricky to use on a size 16 fly to manage bulk. Does somebody make a thread that does not dull when cement is applied? Here is a photo of the same Perdigon thread-body fly, tied at the same time, one with red Ultra Thread wrapped over a black Ultra Thread body and the other using the "A" size rod wrapping thread over the same Ultra Thread body You can see the Ultra Thread does not show any red, except if you look closely you can see a small piece of the tag end that did not get trimmed tight. The other thread, which I am would like to buy more of, is bright. This photo was taken in direct sunlight. I bought some rod wrapping color preserver to try, but it's difficult to keep on just the head, it's an extra step, and it only worked so-so. What do you recommend to maintain bright colors under UV or head cement?
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