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  1. whats that made of? i think itd break on a 100 lb flathead
  2. welp, i went to the fly shop. i got a TON of stuff. they even gave me about 30 dollars of deer hair for free! i need some ideas for patterns to tie. i migth be selling flies to the fly shop & i will be selling them at a craft fair. i am tying bass & bluegill flies mostly but salt flies & larger trout flies (size 14+ heres my materials: Mustad 3906b nymph sproat 3xh/2xl sz 10, 8, 6, 4. (25 in each size) Mustad 94840 standard dry sz 10 12 14 (25 in each size) yellow lead eyes 1/40 oz (50) krystal flash (pearl) (1 bunch) ultra fine dry fly dub (gray, olive, black) dry fly rooster neck #1 badger deer body har (natural, orange, yellow, olive, mustard) deer belly hair (white, tan) rayon chenille large (black, worm green, white) bucktail (assortment size) blue, pink, yellow, chartresue, white strung saddle hackle (white) strung deciever hackle (white) strung marabou (grizzly olive, black) utc 140/210 (tons, black, a few white) silli legs perfectly barred (amber, olive) size 60 & size 120 brown crawdub hot pink glo bug yarn shrimp crabby legs (shrimp) varigated tinsel chenille (olive black) 2 mm foam peacock herl lead wire (.01 & .015) a bit of craft fur (white, olive, brown, black) some low quality black saddle hackle (could use for soft hackles mabye)
  3. on sunday, i bought a 8 wt fly rod with a 7/8 wt reel & floating line, i fish in my local retention pond everyday for bass, bluegill, & catfish. i am trying to find some materials w/ amazon links to the products, i am having trouble gauging whats good & what isnt, when it comes to all the tying stuff. i have a bit of stuff (craft fur black/olive, brown hackle, dry fly dub, numph hooks sz 6 & sz 12 mustad 94840) i am going to florida in october for around a week so i want to tie some saltwater flies.
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