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  1. People in Athens rarely get up before sunrise. Dawn is tough on Greece.
  2. Dad, what's a forklift? food son, food
  3. A logger went to cut down a talking tree in the forest The tree said you can't cut me down, I am a talking tree The logger said you may be a talking tree but you'll dialogue
  4. According to unofficial sources, a new simplified income-tax form contains only four lines: 1. What was your income for the year? 2. What were your expenses? 3. How much have you left? 4. Send it in.
  5. I was robbed at a gas station in MT last night. After my hands stopped trembling. I managed to call the cops and they were quick to respond and calmed me down..... My money is gone.. the police asked me if I knew who did it..I said yes.. it was pump number 9…
  6. I have had very good luck with the Regal Vise people, unfortunately it goes back30-40 years ago when they were a new company and very responsive I certainly would be on the phone to them including an email with pictures Tom
  7. I tie and use "killer bugs" quite a lot. Sawyers killer bugs, Utah killer bugs, home made killer bugs like your Keep up the experimenting
  8. Everyone told Sam not to sing But Samsung anyway
  9. NOTE: Big sale at the Lego store People are lined up for blocks
  10. I am just curious, is the Mike Clark bamboo all that it it cracked up to be? Why don't you use it a lot?
  11. Don't yell through a collander.....it will strain your voice
  12. Sweetgrass Pent is not my most expensive rod, just the one I like the best
  13. mostly happy when it gets UP to 40 Even at 33-34 degrees a few fish being caught on skagit and nymphs
  14. Get ahold of Al and Gretchen Beatty of BT'S Fly fishing Projects and order some of their dry fly poly fly tying yard (olefin). Perfect dry fly yarn OR to use as a strike indicator. Wings on Humpies, Wulff and Trudes and chubbys Been using it for years, multiple colors available
  15. Lots of ice and shelf ice Water temp around 33 degrees Some skagit fishing and some nymph fishing But not for me until it warms up some
  16. still trying to figure out this web site 74 yr old fisherman, been fly fishing since 1969 and tying since about 1972 Currently I tie and donated a few thousand flies every year to Reel Recovery, Casting for Recovery, MayFly Project, two kids camps (Trout Unlimited and Clark Fork Watershed Education Program at Georgetown Lake), a couple of local Trout Unlimted Chapters and Tie-a-Thon Trying to get rid of materials collected over 50 years before I die
  17. Howdy: I have been using their hooks and beads for quite a few years now. I tie for a couple of tu kids camps every year as well as casting for recovery, mayfly project, reel recovery and a few tie-a-thons. I donate all my flies to the above organizations and am on fixed income so the savings in just hooks is tremendous. luckily I have a lot of fly tying material collected over the years so have been using it up for these flies. Shipping has gone up, but if you purchase over $25. shipping is free TJ
  18. For just a little more you can get a quality Griffin 1A vise at around $60
  19. I am new to this forum but have been tying since 1972 or so I am a big proponent of Griffin vises for beginners. I own some Griffin 1A and Montana Pro vises They are relatively inexpensive, simple and hold a hook. They are easy to maintain and repair if necessary. I will say it again, boy do they hold a hook. See Al Campbell's review of beginning fly tying vises at FAOL (Fly Anglers On-Line). I have taught fly tying to various groups including middle school children with a bevy of Regal Vises that I used to own and found that young and very old hands had trouble squeezing the clamp spring open so I bought some 1A and Montana Pro vises and solved that problem. Yes they are not rotary at all, but boy do they ever hold a hook. They are probably the best vise for the money However I do most of my tying on a Regal or DynaKing - non true rotary, but they do rotate). I have tied on many different iterations of the Regal Vise, DynaKing, HMH, Griffin Spider Cam, Griffin Montana Pro, Griffin 1A, Renzetti and of course Thompson Model A. I would recommend either the Griffin Montana Pro highly. Griffin vises come with a 100% lifetime guarantee. If you ever have a problem with a vise or tool due to defective workmanship, they will replace those items at no charge TJ
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