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  1. I'll have to drop by! I'll send you a message, too.
  2. A little soft hackle fly I tied with guidance from my LT over facetime, he sent me these feathers and a hare's mask (i didn't realize just what that meant until I opened the package). I think they're partridge he said. I misplaced my head cement so I used a double whip finish to keep it secure.
  3. I just moved from up north! Spent a lot of time fishing in NY, I moved from NJ to SC in August. Tying is one of my favorite pastimes right now as I build my fly box up. I look forward to getting in on a swap once I become a better tyer and fisher. Everyone's creations and posts are really inspiring me to keep at it.
  4. Thanks for the insight. I've just got a 4/5wt and a 5wt right now that I use for bass and bluegill around me, but I'm looking to take my fishing out to the surf. Trying to decide between a 10 or a 12 wt.
  5. Makes me wonder if I can take it out to deeper waters, and how deep... I've seen videos of surf fishing, too, so that's one of my current goals to practice while living here at the beach.
  6. I'm a new fly fisher, but have enjoyed spin fishing since I was little. I also helped my neighbor in creating his wooden popper lures with sanding and painting, and the crafty side of fishing is what brought me into fly tying. I hope to see if I can fish the same species I did spinning on the fly. Hopefully one day I'll get to some trout waters, too!
  7. A couple mop flies I tied on #6 hooks. I learned you can just get these little tails off wash mitts, so I wanted to break away from my starter kit and tie something new to me! Some brown feather hackle and golden brown dubbing. Hoping to fish them tomorrow!
  8. What brand: Maxxon Versa Rod length: 7'6" The weight of the fly rod: 4-5wt Action: Medium-Light Is it a Fly Rod Combo? No, but it converts to a spinning rod! What do you fish with it? Largemouth, smallmouth, crappie, bluegill. What did it cost you? $100-ish Bought on recommendation from my work partner who's been an avid fly fisherman his whole life. He doesn't use it for spinning, but I have switched when my arms get tired or I'm in a tight spot and it takes only a minute to swap the reels and flip the back around. I use a 4/5/6 Reddington Crosswater reel on it in 5wt. This rod taught me it's less about rod weight and more about fighting smart, after I watched him catch some big fish on it. Fun little rod to keep packed in the car for when the mood hits.
  9. Looking for the same, I sent you a PM with my email address if you still have it!
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