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  1. The thing of it is, I'm very new to tying the classic's so I'm not sure what feather is correct.
  2. Is there a sub for Blue & Gold Macaw? If so what is it? Thanks for any help.
  3. I just ordered some last night.
  4. I'm trying that now but it doesn't seem to want to move, its pretty hard.
  5. Good evening all and merry Christmas. I need a little help. I'm trying to use my cobblers wax and its not working like I think it should. I've tried heating it with a lighter. I'm not sure if that is the right thing to do. What do I need to do?
  6. I have never had a problem with movement. Just make sure what's behind it is fuller. I've done it with swap flies. I would love to get into another streamer swap again.
  7. You can reuse them if you secure them at the hook eye and not behind the fish eye.
  8. IMO I would base it on fly size, fly color with size in mind and weather/water condition. If I work with darker water with darker flies I like the hook high because I get more side bits. Lighter colors with smaller patterns I tend to move back because I see more tailing fish. I would tye some of the same patterns with different hook placements but at the same time change the fly size. Kevin
  9. Thank you all and yes I'm ready to get back in to the swaps. The last one I was in was a FB musky swap.
  10. I did get a agate burnishing knife. I ordered gloves and at the moment I'm trying 70D thread because I have a lot of different colors. I do know that the all I really need is black and white. I've seen a lot of different weights of thread used to this point. I will PM you a link let me know if this is junk please.
  11. I know about Gordeaux's hooks from shopping at International Angler. They told me about him and I tried to set up a class session with him but it never came about. I'm trying to go a little slower at getting materials. I know all to well how it can drain you. I have a small collection now. Here's a material question you two my help me with. Floss.... what colors would cover me for a few years that could cross over to other patterns? I was look into Japanese floss
  12. Message for all of your help. I will look into them. I really don't know that other hook to buy. I was told many times that a 3/0 is a good start because of materials. Message sent
  13. I'm having a hard time finding blind eye hooks. Does anyone know of a US source for them, If not where else? What I have now are 3/0 CS6 I think.
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