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  1. Thanks alot! Never thought of the beads for eyes, going to the hardware store now!
  2. Perfect links, already trying some from ward bean on the website
  3. Thanks so much for all the info, will definitely post some updates along the way! Love the pricket pin, might tie some.
  4. I have a 8wt orvis rod and reel I planned on using, nothing heavy mostly lighter streamers and maybe foam top water on 2/0
  5. Thanks everyone for the advice, I was following materials list of some flys I was planning on tying which called for a size 10 hook, might try some 6 or 8 hooks, but for substitution streamer hooks would Aberdeens work?
  6. Hi all, I’m very new to tying to find 2 patterns. Trying to find a wet fly pattern to tie for crappie or panfish using deer hair or squirrel (size 10 hook), and a wet fly using natural fur for bass(size 2/0 hook)? I’d appreciate your help or any book suggestions that would cover panfish or crappie wet flys! (I only have ponds and lakes here)
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