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  1. That is all very interesting. Does not help the Fine Point Conversion to tie small flies on the nor-vise? Like the midges jaws on other vises. At least most like the norlander automatic bobbins! The eckich bobbin is a different story , some like it some hate it. Olaf
  2. the Nor-Vise, I never read so different opinions about a product. I have tow questions about this vies, first is it really that difficult to tie small flees on it ? And second, if I would buy a Dyna King Barracude with a bobbin hanger and the automatic Nor bobbin, could I do with this set up not exactly the same thinks like the Nor -Vies can do like the fast dubbing or ribbing Norlander shows on his videos? If yes what makes it so unike to other true rotation vises only the look? Thanks Olaf
  3. OK, but my 11 years old son would only like to know if you can sell him one of the brootherhood pins for his fly fishing and tying pin collection. Thanks Olaf
  4. OK but how long are your scissors you using 3" or 4" or? Olaf
  5. On the " Fly Anglers Forum " he was posting 3 times the last 15 days.
  6. What sizes of scissors do you use most? Thanks Olaf
  7. Thank you I will try it. I like your art work! Olaf
  8. Hi I'm looking for to gat in contact with the The International Brotherhood of the Flymph because they have some kind of club pin what I would like to have for my sons collection of pins. I try to email them but gat no response. Could some one help me. Thanks Olaf
  9. I'm looking for the United Fly Tyers lapel pin. If some one have one for sell please let me know. Thanks Olaf
  10. There is a nother very interesting vise from Stenzel Germany not many people in the US know about it. It has a very interesting design to fix the hooks! Take a look: http://www.stenzel-flyfishing.com/sid/0fb3...Fly-Tying-Vice/
  11. Streamside you are absolute right. Here in Europe they say it is the best Vise you can buy. There are a lot of people how like it actually match more then the Renzettis and they use it as there main vise. It is to bad that most tier don't even know this vise specially outside Europe. Olaf
  12. And Streamside how do you like your "new" vice? And what other rotary vices do you use before Olaf
  13. Thanke you Taxon The fly is not from California it is from Montreal Canada
  14. Can someone tell my son what kind of insect this is:
  15. Hi Flyuser , no this is not my first trip to Canada, but my first to Newfoundland. I will go also for the Brook Trouts and maybe Salmon. Some one from NF told me the best way is to buy the flies there because they know what you need. A good shop should be the Green Highlander in Corner Brooks he told me. Did you know this: Non-Resident Guide Requirements On the Island of Newfoundland Non-residents shall not fish on any scheduled waters (salmon waters) unless accompanied by a licensed guide or a direct relative who is a resident of the province. Unscheduled waters (non-salmon producing lakes, ponds, and streams): Within 800 meters of a provincial highway, non-residents may fish unaccompanied on unscheduled water. Beyond 800 meters of a provincial highway, non-residents may not fish unless accompanied by a licensed guide or a direct relative who is a resident of the province. Olaf
  16. Hi will go the first two weeks in August to Newfoundland for trout fishing. Has some one a idea what flies I need there? Thanks Olaf
  17. Thanks day 5, maybe I will give it a try. To form the underbody I will take waxed dental tape. Take a look at this: I hope the fly will not to heavy for a dry fly. I think flytyersdungeon.com is at the moment out of Bug Wrap. Did some one try weaving with Legs Alive also from flytyersdungeon.com.
  18. deeky I can't find your fly patterns. Ah now I found them!
  19. Hi I looked a little bit in the web about woven flies. And found it very interesting. I can find mostly Nymph pattern who can be woven. Is this kind of fly weaving only for wets? There are only very little dry fly patterns out there. Did some one read the book from George Grant about fly weaving? Thanks Olaf
  20. Did some one use this Capes: http://www.conranch.com/ and http://www.angelfire.com/biz6/crbirdfarm/ Olaf
  21. Hi, what do you think are the hackle capes colors every fly tyer should have on his bench? Thanks Olaf
  22. Hi, did some one use the Lazzeri Orion Vise? And if yes how do you like it? Thanks Olaf
  23. I use the Stenzel Rotary Fly Tying Vice. It is made in Germany and has a a total new design to fix the hooks. This new system works absolur great I like it very much. http://www.stenzel-flyfishing.com/sid/932a...Fly-Tying-Vice/
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