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  1. yea i always make a trip down to cabelas with my uncle to get the rest of our hunting stuff
  2. wish i had a dad to get me started at that age
  3. i cant wait for it!!!! how will i get to the feed?
  4. god lookin flies!! it really is fun just playin around with materiales to se what you get
  5. if you dont mind im going to use one as a dropper
  6. i just need to get those speacil hooks
  7. i think mabey i'll use some kind of nymph as a dropper to a popper
  8. just tied some!!! going to test them out on the lake right mow!!!!! :headbang: :headbang:
  9. really? i never really thought of that fly (hares ear) guess it would not hurt to try!
  10. hey guys im knew to the fourm (this is actuly my first post) i live in the jackson ,michigan area. i am just wondering if anyone had any flies that work wonders on blugill???????? i hav tied pretty much everything with foam. i am going to tie.... red fox squirrle tail nymph foam spiders flashback PT nymph anyhting im missing??? :help: :help: :help:
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