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  1. Excellent!!! For 20 bucks, it's worth a try!
  2. I placed an order some time ago, but didn't tie any flys for a while. I ordered another set after tying 10 flys with ONE FEATHER!!!! Incredible... now I'm hunting for bargins for whole necks! I'll let you know if I find a good deal!
  3. Nice information! I'll give'm a try!! Mucho Thankos
  4. Excellent! I'm making plans to use your plans on plans of my own??? uh... I'm gonna do something like that too! This looks great. You might want to consider the edge product that you can iron on for your edges... you might have to trim them, but it might be less work in then end... certainly not as messy as paint and such. Thanks for the plans, and the great pictures!!!
  5. Teach a kid to hunt, and you won't have to hunt for your kids... includes fishing, methinks.... Watching a kid catch fish on flys is such a gas!! I taught my youngest (12 yrs) to cast a bit, and he caught a bunch of fish. He has no interest in tying (yet ), but he's hooked on fishing!
  6. SMALLMOUTH RULE!!! At least for me... unless it's a big 1lb Bluegill... or maybe a good 'old red-eye, or .... Heck, if it swims, I LOVE'M !!!!
  7. Personally, I think we are all at varying degrees of "out of control"! I use the plastic boxes, like tackle boxes or lure boxes. Lately, I tie what my fly boxes need, and put them right back into my vest. I don't "tie in advance" much any more. That having been said, I do find myself starting to tie more because of the things I see going on around this board... I'm especially interested in some of those salmon flys, but that's another story!!!
  8. Good point, Rog!!! thanks !! (I shoulda thunka dat!)
  9. Man, that ROCKS!!!! Any chance you could post a few more detailed pictures? I think I'm starting a new set of plans!!!! That's AWESOME!
  10. I saw Bill at the Middleburg (Va) Trout Unlimited "show". I saw him at the Feathered Hook in Winchester (Va) a year or so ago, and bought his book... He's a talented tyer, and a heck of a nice guy! [and a master with 'odd' materials like foam!]
  11. I'm sure the hide is cured, it is a purchased patch from a materials company. I'm guessing it is "tanned", but is not supple like I am used to. It is just that the patch is so stiff, I can't get a good grip on the amount of hair I want to use. If I could bend it a bit, it would help. I've been afraid to try to flex the hide, but I have to try something! I'll keep you posted. I wondered about getting it wet, to see if that would "free" it up a bit, then keep working the patch until it is fully dry... If that little hair wing didn't look so good, I wouldn't bother!
  12. I admit to being VERY rusty at the dry fly vice . I wanted to tie some calf body hair wing on some flies, and had a dickens of a time. The calf hide is so stiff that it was extremely difficult to clip the amount of hair I wanted. I thought that there was a recent thread about making that skin supple, but my searches did not reveal it... If you know the thread, I'd appreciate the post... If you can't find the thread, I'd appreciate your thoughts!! Calf body looks so much nicer that tail hair, don't you think? Thanks in advance!
  13. Excellent, I'll have to look them up! Thanks guys
  14. Yeah, I think so... they're very similar: http://www.flyanglersonline.com/flytying/f...073100fotw.html basically a difference in how much body, and how much hackle...
  15. FTF is absolutely the best! AND... YOU da man, Will!!
  16. CharlieD, are these for the rank beginner? (Like me?) I'd like to try my hand, and will start with materials that are more "main stream", versus the "expensive" kind of exotics that are used... THX
  17. There are still some pics that have difficulty (Like the 'cotton nymph' pattern above.) I can do without a great many things, FTF is not one of those .
  18. OK... is the "Orange Nymph" the same as a "Orange soft hackle" ?? FAOL shows the 'orange nymph', and 'copperfly' shows an orange soft hackle, they look pretty similar to me... I would think it would be a pretty good all 'round pattern..
  19. I'm not quite sure... maybe you should send me a dozen in various colors ??? Really, looks great! (I like a lot of maribou... I mean A LOT!!)
  20. more accurately, in your CHECKED baggage... (ex-screener!)
  21. PoPnBuG

    FTF Fundraiser

    I had to chuckle... you won't take money for not doing something in return... like having THIS SITE is no work at all... I'll bet we'd all gladly pay for this site... BUT, I need some feathers, so it works for me!!! Thanks for the BEST fly tying site on the net! PoPnBuG
  22. You guys crack me up... Keep up the good work!!
  23. I wondered how those would look! Great selection for the pattern, looks GREAT!!! One more item for my "I GOTTA TRY THAT" list!
  24. when you tie a fly for a shadow box or display, do both sides look the same? Do you tie the fly the same every time, or 'minimize' your materials for the display... I'm just curious, I haven't gotten to the point of tying really nice, multiple-feather types, just hair wings... TIA
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