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  1. Silently returning from a long time of inactivity... This one tied with the blue feather plucked from the corsage as groomsman for a good friend. A simple little rabbit streamer. Conehead double bunny, because you can never have to much rabbit. Some buggers and some bugs tied up to imitate the "trout magnet" that the gear boys are tossing.
  2. Long time no see guys, I am still alive and well, I've just been off at college and there was no room for a vise and tying supplies in my closet of a dorm room. Anyways, a friend has presented me with a request for a small duck lure, not to catch a duck but in the shape of a duck. She said there was a family of baby ducks on her pond and that something ate them all, she is bound and determined to catch the culprit and wants a duck shaped lure to do it with. I was thinking mostly deer hair for this project but I'm not sure where to start since one hook won't be big enough to get it to the scale it needs to be and I've never attached multiple hooks together to form a big fly. Also I'm not sure how multiple hooks will effect proper flotation, I think it'll need to be somewhat heavier on bottom to keep it from flipping over. Any help on where to get started would be awesome!! :headbang:
  3. and now i must apologize to olympus.... sorry olympus.. although the email contact method is rather slow at olympus a fairly short phone call considering the size of the company not only got me through to an english speaking no accent support tech but it also got my answer.. P mode found not on the dial but in auto mode by going through only one hurdle.. why they set it up that way i dont know but oh well.. but still just how waterproof are these things.. im sure after i dunk it once ill be fine with it but its that first plop of a brand new digital camera into water that gives me the shivers..
  4. :wallbash: so anyways.. got an olypmus 850 sw for christmas.. its supposed to have this great in camera panoramic setting and ART and 3-D functions on the computer but none of those are working.. btw olympus customer support sucks.. the email told me to try the panoramic function in a mode that doesnt allow it, what the heck... on another note mom freaks out anytime i say water with the camera in my hand.. can i get some reassurance on its water proofnessnisity thanks guys
  5. sweet.. this is just what i wanted to hear :yahoo: and i sure would appreciate a few more photos if its no problem
  6. Long time, no post.. nice to be back at it So what i'd like to know is how nice one of these is. In particular the macro function for fly pictures and such. if anyone has one and could maybe post some pictures that would be wonderful. I really didnt want to open a new thread but anymore technology changes with the week so i'm considering the old threads i meandered through for a bit obsolete. thanks in advance, Wes
  7. im gonna see about getting that day off work.. id rate it at a 90% chance you'll see me there....
  8. well.. a little chance to breath after 2 weeks at the school every night running the sound system for the musical.. even though i should be studying for an AP US history test on friday right now i'm thinking summer.. i got my rod out tonight and tested my new line in the back yard and now i desperately want to go fishing, but first, i need to get my summer plan down..... mom has booked our summer vacation for the vail valley in colorado.. wondering if anybody lives in that area, knows that area, ever been.. any and all knowledge would be mucho appreciado, including answers to the AP test
  9. by the way.. when is mothers day i should prolly get crackin on another one of these suckers
  10. ok so this will be my first go around participating in this annual "fishing" trip next thursday.... so I tied up a nice lure for the occasion.. so what do you think? any good? any "casting" tips?
  11. ok so all of you in the Midwest region of our lovely country may know something about show choir, or at least of it... anyways im in the back-up band (aka guys who stand behind the changing screens) for our group.. i was just wondering if any of you guys get drug to these things on your saturdays off.. if so we need to meet up at one of these things and get the testosterone level brewing up... so if youre involved... whats your group?
  12. northeast indiana.. which makes me think of a post i was gonna put up a while ago...
  13. catalpa are you enjoying this duesy of a snowfall we're getting as some friends pointed out we're getting the reciprocal of what they forcasted still good for a little fun drive though
  14. gill buster

    Mason Show

    Just wondering if anybody knows details on the Mason fly tying show yet.. gotta start planning now so theres no excuses come time to go :headbang: :headbang:
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