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  1. I did not really do anything special to shape them. I cut the cork at an angle to make two popper heads then I did a little sanding. I cut an angled slit in the bottom and super glued the hook in place. I then used an xacto knife to cut a cup in the face. I took the cork that I carved out of the face chopped it up and used it to file in the slit in the bottom, sanded the bottom and primed, then painted. It was a simple operation, but these poppers are huge because the corks swell as they dry.
  2. These are some poppers I tied using old wine corks. They are tied on size 1/0 hooks. Let me know what you think.
  3. Has anyone fly fished the Little River Canyon in Alabama. SOme Fy fishing magazine had an article a couple of years ago about the 10 places you had to fish that you had never heard of....or soemthing like that. I am taking my family camping there over Thanksgiving and wanted to know what to expect. Spoke with the local fly shop and they said the fishing would still be good. Any help is appreciated. Mick
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