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  1. Thanks guys! Time to head to the library I see! Ahh 7 months until bliss! 'Nix
  2. Hahhaha true true true Troutbum.... After I started fly fishing, my wife was glad I was spending less time playing stupid computer games....little did she know I was just trading one addiction for another...oh well Anyways, Kona, where are you home waters? Hawaii (the kona thing...that or you are a coffee addict and from Seattle ) 'Nix P.S. Ask lots of questions and join in the fun....
  3. Hey Guys (and Gals), I am looking for a good book on fly fishing salmon... I have read (in parts) River Salmon Fishing, but I am looking for a book more focused on fly fishing salmon, their habits, flies, etc. Anyone know of any good reads? Just wondering... Oh and I am focusing on Pacific Salmon since I will be moving up that way Thanks! 'Nix
  4. Welcome, Glad to hear about good FF'ing in the Midwest since I hail from there and plan to move back in a year. Have fun on the boards! 'Nix
  5. Welcome, bud. I just started like 8 months ago and these guys have taught me a lot! Have fun... and tight lines! 'Nix
  6. Good luck man! Prayers and thoughts of all of us are with ya! 'Nix
  7. Philadelphia, PA here... born in Milwaukee, WI and raised in Green Bay (GO PACKERS!)... in 10 months I move to God knows where when I am done with medical training and have a REAL job 'Nix
  8. Welcome and I hope you learn/teach us all a lot! Where in Ontario are ya? I am jealous... Pictures of those beautiful Canadian waters (and fish!!!) are always welcome. Although warning, if you include yourself and talk "smack" (a good thing around here!) you are liable to be in some photoshop wars... 'Nix
  9. I just bought an Avaratec AMD Mobile version that runs very nicely for Word, Mail, Web surfing etc. If you want to do 3d games, etc.... not the machine for you. It weighs only 3 lbs, has a 2hr battery, DVD, 512k memory and 40GB harddrive, WiFi 801.11b/g, LAN, Modem all built in (no PC cards) for $900... I use it at work, in the lab, on the train, on my couch... Just my 2 cents...it does what I need...clocks around the same as a 1.4Ghz Mobile Pentium (Which clocks around 2Mhz for regular pentiums if I remember correctly...) Ciao. 'Nix
  10. ShadowNix

    Movie Star

    ROFLMAO!!! DORF LOL OH S#%* I Just dropped the laptop I was laughing so hard...dang.... 'Nix
  11. Hey, Since you brought it up...how is the fly fishing in the east side of the state... I am considering a VERY nice job offer in Spokane, versus a decent offer in Grand Rapids, MI, and I was just wondering.... 'Nix
  12. Great Idea... I hope I catch a worth fish or go someplace "perty"....heheheh. 'Nix
  13. Nice to have ya aboard... How's the fishing in OR right now? 'Nix
  14. Can you take rods on as carryon anymore?..just wondering... 'Nix
  15. Bad new guys is, that I heard that this drought in the midwest, according to geological history, is likely to last about a decade... already in year 6 or 7 they said.... YUKKY! 'Nix
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