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  1. I see nothing to apologize for. It looks quite good to me. Keep it up! Greg
  2. That kit looks good. Amazon.com has it for $199.00 in either C-clamp or pedestal mount. I'm leaning toward pedestal so I can move it around on the table top. I have a computer I want to sell that should fetch me at least $250.00 so that will help. I'm going to try and talk the wife into letting me get this kit before I sell the PC system. I'm a little on the impatient side... I'm mostly going to concentrate on poppers and flies for bass and panfish since that is what I fish for. Thanks for the tip Mike. Anyone else have suggestions or opinions on this kit or other equipment? Thanks again all, Greg
  3. Good morning all: I'm just getting into fly tying and want to start out on the right foot. I don't want to buy junk, but I also have to consider the fact that I have two little ones in diapers. That being said, what are your opinions on this fly tying station being sold on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...A%3AIT&rd=1 Thanks, Greg
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