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  1. Rick Ziegler, sorry to be so long in posting. I.wont.go into.details, but I just.opened Secret Santa today and.got.a.super set of flies from you and.a.VERY nice fly.box. Thanks.so.much Breambuster
  2. The oldest American fly would be an interesting subject. As Nikever said, there are some who believe the Cherokee Indians were fishing with an old pattern called the “Yallerhammer” when the whites first arrived in America. How much farther back it goes into antiquity beyond that is anyone’s guess. It was tied with half of a small wing feather from a Yellow Flicker woodpecker, now an endangered and protected species. Our Southern Highlanders call the Yellow Flicker a “Yeller Hammer.” “Yeller” being our mispronunciation of Yellow and hammer because of the noise it makes pecking on dead trees, I suppose. Some have tied a good imitation of it using a dyed dove wing feather for the Yellow Flicker wing feather. So far, all my attempts to tie it have failed.
  3. And the fines, if I understand correctly, are enormous.
  4. ME! ALABAMA??? I’ll have you know I pull for 3 teams on Saturday. In the order of preference, first, I am a Clemson Tiger FAN! GO Tigers. #2 on my list is the Univ of Tenn Volunteers. GO Vols! And #3 is whoever plays Carolina (Gamecocks) Univ of S Carolina. I would pull for ANYONE who plays the Univ of S Carolina.
  5. Have you tried WhiteTail Fly Tieing? Give them a call and tell them what you are looking for. They are very cordial and helpful about that sort of thing. They are now in Chapel Hill, NC.
  6. I’ve never used it, but why not put some of the material in some water and watch how high and how long it floats. That should tell you something. BB
  7. Flytire, I’ve been admiring your work for some time and want to thank you for posting the pictures. You certainly do have the skills. AND a large collection of materials. Have you ever thought about publishing a book of fly patterns. You, no doubt, have the ability to pull it off. Great job, and thanks. BB
  8. I just placed an order for 9 items, I think, and all 9 were shipped the next day. The web store is Whitetail Fly Tieing. (That is the correct spelling for the name of the business.) These are really super people to work with. It was originally owned by Chris Helms. Now it’s own by the Richardson’s. BB
  9. Steve, it’s really simple. I used a strand of white Chenille and a strand of blue Chenille and twisted them together. Actually, I stole this pattern off of YouTube. The tyer’s name is Roman Avila and the pattern is “Monky Milk.” (His misspelling.) He shows how to twist the strands of Chenille. Actually, this guy has a lot of videos and some good ideas. I had to get used to his accent, but I’ve enjoyed watching his videos. Check him out. BB
  10. Thanks, Niveker for posting the pics. My green jig has been working great for me lately. OK, Johnw1986, there is your picture. What kind of Chenille and where did you get it? My sister is out of the hospital and doing much better. Thanks to all of you for your well-wishes. Take care BB
  11. Guys, the jigs are FINALLY in the mail and on their way back to you. I had planned to get that done yesterday, but my younger sister was rushed to the hospital yesterday and spent last night in the CCU. It takes a little more than an hour to get there so I spent a large chunk of the day just seeing to that. My older sister was out of town and so I was the only family member available to check on her. Thanks to all of you for participating. BB
  12. My buddy and I caught 32 Crappie, 1 hybrid (white bass & stripper. The SCDNR and GaDNR stock them in our lake) and one "Spot," Spotted Bass (Invasive species) yesterday. Richmce"s jigs arrived today. The Post Office is open 1 hour tomorrow & I have a confllict, so it will be the first of the week before I can get them out. Thanks to all who participated. BB
  13. Stabgnid’s Set arrived yesterday. Waiting for 1 last set BB
  14. We received another set of jigs from Niveker. Nice set. Thanks Niveker. We are waiting on 2 more sets and I believe they have both been mailed. I will turn the jigs around and get them headed back to you guys as soon as I get those last 2 sets. BB
  15. DarrelP your jigs are here and they are sweeeeeet! Thanks. BB
  16. As requested, the first post of this thread has been updated to show Received sets. BB
  17. Sorry, Vic. Things are always hectic here on the weekends. Your jigs arrived on Saturday. Great set. I will try to catch up the front page ASAP. I have another commitment that I need to leave for in about 5 minutes. Who said retirees aren't busy? BB
  18. Hey Guys, I apologize for being so late about posting this. Between some family problems all weekend and nearly 300 miles yesterday for a funeral which was a totally unrelated, non-family event, plus a worrisome health situation for me, I haven’t been around much. However, the good news is that we now have in hand, Jigs from Woodenlegs and JohnW1986. Great work, guys. More good news is that I have received materials for 1 of my 2 sets and have tried a tie that I thing will work. I already have the materials for the second set. Tight lines BB
  19. I haven’t tried this, but I saw a YouTube video where a guy had some jig heads with collars, but wanted ball heads. So, he used a pair of large nail clippers, “toenail clippers” and cut through the collar right at the head and then cut the collar lengthwise to get it off the hook. It looked very safe the way he did it and it only took a few seconds. Just an idea. BB
  20. Yes, Richmce, we had another to join. A total of 16 Jigs, 8 of 1 pattern and 8 of another pattern. BB
  21. I agree with everything Stabgnid said. Also, you might want to think about a fuller body, but it should stop no closer to the bend of the hook than the hook point. That assures a better chance at hooking the fish. It would be a good idea to go to YouTube and check out some videos on tying Crappie jigs. There are a ton of them there. Pay special attention to proportions. Notice how the body stops at the hook point. Also notice the length of the tail. That is important also. You don’t want it too long or too short. And notice that most, if not all jigs are tied on a hook without a collar. My mold does only ball head collarless heads. Some people, who only fish the spawn think catching Crappie is easy, but those of us who fish year round know just how hard he is to catch. BB
  22. Welcome aboard, DarrellP. It’s good to have you join us. OK, guys, we now have 8 swappers, that makes it 8 Jigs each of 2 different patterns for a total of 16 Jigs. BB
  23. Ok, guys, if anyone is still on the bubble, trying to decide whether or not to join, you have until midnight Monday night, the end of Valentines Day to decide. The swap will close at Midnight Monday night. Let’s set the due date for the Ides Of March. You are expected to have your Jigs in my possession by March 15. That gives you a month to get it done. Each swapper is expected to submit, unless someone else joins, 7 Jigs of 2 patterns each which means 14 Jigs total. I am planning to tie my Ugly Green and Monkey Milk patterns. Happy tying, guys. BB
  24. You’ve got it, Kim. I promise. No more than 125.😇 BB
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