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  1. The JVise. I love this thing. Made in South Africa. Very reasonable price for great quality and true rotary when you want it. Leigh
  2. I have had the Wasatch version of the JVise for several years (mine is blue, not red). I just got the new pro jaws from him, which I really like. I know I can chuck up a 6/0 salmon hook, and J tells me the new jaws will handle 8/0, which is big enough for me. The real plus of this vise is the room behind the jaws for the left hand. The hand position for this vise is superior to any other rotary I have seen. Jay tells me that Wasatch seems to have lost interest in his vise, but you can buy direct from him, and he is very helpful and service oriented. There are many nice attachments for the vise as well. All in all, an attractive and extremely functional vise at a reasonable price for what you get. Leigh
  3. Lovely, as always, Mark. Why don't we Yanks use more flies in claret? There are a ton of British Isles patterns in claret, but hardly any used here. Is that because of different bugs, or just different habits? I haven't a clue. Leigh
  4. Amazing, Dave. I would agree it is among your very best, and that's saying something. Leigh
  5. I see what Bud and others are saying re the lower crest. Still, a spectacular tie, Gord. I'm with Carne on our understanding of Matt's dream, though! Leigh
  6. Stunning fly. Elegant lines and colors. I could gaze at this one for hours.! Leigh
  7. Terrific fly, Matt. wouldn't you know it? I'm finishing a Popham now. Doubt it'll look as good as yours. The hook looks great as well. Leigh
  8. Love it, John. Something about this fly rang a bell. I couldn't quite place it, though. Then I remembered, I posted this one to the forum, too, a ways back. Maxwell. They say your mind is the second thing to go as you get older. :hyst: I really like your version with the fully iridescent wing and no white tip. Leigh
  9. Lookin' really good there, Frank. Ken Sawada mounts his big wings by splitting them in two and marrying them back together. Haven't quite figured out how to do that yet, but I'm trying. It's really tempting to make tall wings; kinda proves you're a "real" salmon tier, but often the lower wings wind up looking much better. And the originals never had those 40 fiber wings we've all attempted. Leigh
  10. Glad you've decided to join us. You couldn't find a nicer bunch than on this forum! Looking forward to seeing your flies. Leigh
  11. I'm listed as shu1182.. I too would be happy to share stuff if people see me bidding. I'll certainly try not to outbid others from the forum, though I can't possibly remember everyone's handle. I think we all tend to suffer from the illusion, as we sit in our little computer space, that there are secrets on ebay. In my experience, there are way too many people out there looking for this stuff to "slip one over" on anyone, especially if it is a 7 day auction. Again, if I outbid someone here for something you just gotta have, PM me. I'm sure we can work something out. God knows I have enough crap in the basement already. :hyst: :hyst: I would also say that I really focus on getting common and/or "essentials" in my purchases. I'm looking for macaw, turkey tail, jungle cock, hackle, GP feathers. I don't devote much time or money to the cotinga or Indian crow stuff. Why? Two reasons, really. 1) You can sub for chatterer, and still create a lovely fly. Can experts see the difference. Sure. So what? I'm much more interested in the beauty and technique than in absolute "authenticity", whatever that is. On the other hand, plastic jungle cock looks like crap. John Shewey told me this several years ago. He said that too many tiers focus on the exotic skins, while the coming shortages are in basic winging materials, crests, and the like. He was right. I'd like to still be tying these flies in 20 years (heck, I actually hope to have more time to tie then. I don't want to find myself with no materials. 2) I'm just not that good a tier, and probably never will be. To put a dozen feathers worth $20 each on a fly that I may screw up at the last minute and have to razor simply isn't worth it. It wouldn't be fun, which is, after all, what I'm trying to have when I make these things. Just my 2 cents, Leigh
  12. Masterful, as always. I thought those little feathers from Mr. McLain would make nice wet fly throats. Looking forward to the plates, which will be a real labor of love. Leigh
  13. Waiting for mine. I agree with Matt; would love a long-sleeved, fishing style shirt (which is what I think you meant by Columbia) with the FTF logo. Leigh
  14. Shewey has had very nice stuff in the past, but, at last report, was pretty well out of stock with no prospect of more raw material. Maybe things have changed. Jens has been the most reliable source for me, although his turkey is a bit on the smaller side when compared to Shewey. Still, I'd go with Jens as your best option. John has had the word "Soon...." on his website for more than a year. Given the state of turkey growing, I suspect good dyed white turkey tails will just get harder to find and ever more expensive. Leigh
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