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  1. Heres one for beginners Brooks Stonefly http://www.westfly.com/patterns/wet/brooksstone.shtml
  2. Sorry, I learned to put the cap on a long time ago!
  3. http://www.orvis.com/store/product_directo...&subcat_id=6479 Save it to your hard drive and you will always have it on hand.
  4. Without knowing the context of the conversation, who knows what hes talking about. You certainly dont give much info to go on!
  5. From Jack Gartsides web site: About Corsair tubing: Corsair tubing can be found in many fly shops but to order direct, simply email [email protected] for current prices and availability. If you’ve not used Corsair tubing before, the most important thing to notice is the thread line running along each side of the tubing. This thread line controls the density, flexibility, and the degree to which the material can be stretched and tapered, as well as shaped (e.g. flattened or made oval). In addition, these thread lines may also serve to suggest the lateral lines of the natural bait fish. To create and maintain the best shapes and tapers, these thread lines MUST be tied down at BOTH ends of the tubing when forming the head. Isnt it also called EZ Body? Do a search on GOOGLE! http://www.e-zbody.com/
  6. Heres the place I got them from http://www.maineflyfish.com/flytying/vigs_...atingminnow.htm
  7. Did it look like the top fly in the photo?
  8. Read this again http://www.troutflies.com/tutorials/parachute/
  9. Heres another rotary tying technique DVD: http://www.flyfishingmainerivers.com/write...ikeholt/dvd.htm
  10. Heres an example of a soft hackle fly
  11. Wal Mart for only 97 cents. Handy shirt or pants pocket fly box.
  12. Try tying it on a larger hook until you get comfortable with the process. Then gradually go to smaller hooks. Go over the tutorial maddog suggested. Its one of the best on the web.
  13. Sell a billion flies! What made you buy it in the first place?
  14. Check out the EZ Rotary vise $45 - $60 http://www.hookhack.com/vises.html#anchorezrotary
  15. http://business.virgin.net/british.classic/nymphs-YK2bug.htm
  16. Heres some tutorials http://www.theflybench.com/howtotie/woven/woven.htm http://www.onlineflytyer.com/article_weaving.asp http://www.acc.umu.se/~widmark/lwcrochi.html Go to GOOGLE and type in "woven body fly patterns" and search for some more.
  17. The Green Weenie would be easy for a beginner Wooly Worms too
  18. I tie when I have the urge to tie or when swap flies need to get done but I dont let tying get in the way of other things I want to do.
  19. Hasnt it been around for years as "Estaz"?
  20. Alot of good info here: http://www.globalflyfisher.com/gallery/dig...ng/digital.html Another is: www.flyanglersonline.com Search the Al Campbell articles.
  21. Flies are done and waiting for packaging
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