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  1. youre almost there. finish it up from the internet
  2. for me personally, when i muck something up anywhere in the tying process, i unwind it all back to where it went wrong and start over from that point i try to make my fly look like the reference photo and recipe how you handle your situation is up to you
  3. Olive Gun Hook - Single Salmon Thread - Olive Tail - Black yarn Ribbing - Silver tinsel Body - Dark olive floss & peacock herl Hackle - Guinea From internet website
  4. Spruce Variant Hook – Single Salmon Thread – Wine/red Tip - Copper tinsel Body - Red tinsel Veiling - Golden pheasant tippet Thorax - Peacock herl Wing - Yellow-dyed squirrel tail Hackle – Brown hen From internet photo
  5. Black Demon (Cains River Series) Created by C. Jim Pray Hook - Mustad 3665A Thread - Black Tail - Two sections of a barred wood duck feather Body - Medium flat gold/silver tinsel Wing - Four jet black saddle hackles Cheeks - Jungle cock Collar - Several turns of an orange saddle hackle
  6. i didnt like the first fly. yellow body hackle sucked
  7. Blue Dog Chironomid Hook - Curved scud Bead - Blue, black, nickel silver brass or tungsten Thread - Black Gills - Orange uni stretch Ribbing - Hot orange wire Body - Blue holographic tinsel Thorax - Blue ice or uv dun ice dubbing Fly Fusion Magazine
  8. when you dont like the first one you tie a better one
  9. Megan Boyd Shrimp Hook - Double Salmon Threads - Red and Black Uni-8/0 Tag - Oval Silver Tinsel and Red Floss Tail - Golden Pheasant Red Breast Feather Rib - Oval Silver Tinsel Body -First Half - Yellow Floss; Second Half - Black Floss Body Hackle - Yellow Cock Front Hackle - Natural Brown Cock Wing - Single or Double Jungle Cock Head - Black https://youtu.be/DvKnpMugNuA
  10. i have a hard time printing my name by hand its not a hobby that i want to get into but those are cool my tv collects enough dust
  11. Supervisor Joseph S Stickney Hook - Mustad 9575 or equivalent Thread - Black Tail - Red wool Body - Flat silver tinsel Ribbing - Oval silver tinsel (optional) Throat - White hackle fibers (optional) Underwing - A small bunch of white bucktail Wing - 4 light blue hackles Shoulder - Light green hackles 2/3 the length of the wing Topping - Peacock herl Cheeks -Jungle cock
  12. ice fishing https://youtu.be/wTd_RI9SlVg
  13. i use hi viz in white https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0639/3377/6101/products/SM-760270-0000_500x.jpg?v=1663122731
  14. flytire

    Flyfishing Show

    i liked attending the "art of the angler" show in Danbury, CT but that's no longer happening the other good show was the "world fly fishing expo" at the Shriners auditorium up in Wilmington, mass sadly, both are gone
  15. we all have our limits I have always been for 12 swapper limit so it shouldn’t be a surprise Many times I have given up my position in swaps when a late comer wants in maybe I’ll just donate flies from my hoard of flies and no longer participate in swaps til they’re all gone
  16. the foam will help it float the wing will help you see it
  17. theres always "sorry, swap full"
  18. totally agree 12 is my limit. once it goes over i'm out late comers should have responded earlier if you snooze you should lose
  19. then your spools will fit https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/Rv0AAOSwz7FfTaFT/s-l500.jpg
  20. Go measure your thread spool and see if it’s close to the diameter of the tube
  21. flytire

    Flyfishing Show

    CT Fly Fishing Club | Connecticut Fly Fisherman's Association that might be a good one and closer than NJ
  22. its a special feature of this forum 😁 works when it wants to same with posting photos 👍
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