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  1. I know that alot of people have their favorite spot for fishing the Hex, but what do you look for? I mean in terms along bank, river bottom etc. etc. I will be picking my drift boat up either today, tomorow or sat and would love to give it a shot this year. If anyone could give me a few pointers to get me going, that would great. I am not looking for info on honey holes either, just some general tips would be great. Thanks. (i tried puting this in the fly fishing forum's, but when i clicked on "new topic" it stated "this menu has been disabled" so if a that forum is working could a moderator please move this to it's correct place? Thank you)
  2. QUOTE We all need a couple fish every once in awhile just to keep our sanity. Isn't that the truth. All through the winter and into spring I couldn't wait to step in a river. I did manage to get to fish BM during to colder months and brought home one steelie. Not a day goes by that I don't think about fishing, lol.
  3. Hey everyone. Been busying working 8hr to 11hr day's, so not much for catch up. Except for the usually stop in, see what is happening then head to bed I had a OK spring steelheading this year. With me working it was hard to get out and fish, so the number took a hit, but who keep's track? I landed a few and lost a few, kept a couple and realeased the majority. My younger brother was home so we took him fishing for steelies. It didn't matter where we went, or what he used, he just couldn't connect. Most of the time he was standing next to me. Maybe that was the problem, lol. He is back in Cali. but should return home forever sometime around march, good timeing huh? On to the trout fishing. Fished opening day with me step dad a small river. Started off looking for steelies, then decided to fish for trout throwing some hardware, but once back at the truck, plans changed quickly, as 6 vehicles pulled in. Went to another favorite river of mine and was rewarded with 3 nice trout for dad who doesn't get out fishing much. All were caught on a #7 firetiger rapala. Fished this river a few more times since then and have caught 4 nice fish that were all released to fight another day. Now, onto the great news, for me anyways. Been shopping for drift boat pretty good and finally settled on one. I wanted a different one, but things didn't pan out, and it was sold a few day's before I did anything. So I settled on a different boat, just as good, IMO, but not the one I wanted and I don't want to wait any longer. I should be able to pick it up either thurs or fri, if not, definatly on sat. It is a 1998 Willie, alum. 16' Gonna make a long trip to Newago to get it. Have so many ideas for it already and I don't even have it, lol. Hope to get it in the water the following weekend. Will do some fishing, but want to get used to moving that first. I mean, they are nothing like a 9' float boat. So, any advice from you oarsman? Oh, this is b-day present to myself. Will turn 29 on friday. So that is what I have been up to lately. Starting tomorow, looking for another job roofing, framing, siding. I will be sure clock in more often. Later
  4. Got a call from my mom and dad last night, saying that my brother is back in the states. He is out in Cali for a week or two, then will be home with his family and freinds, where he will enjoy some downtime for about a month, that has to report back to the Marines. When mom and dad called us, they said that he fell outa his truck (drives trucks for the convoys) and broke his hand and a bone came through the skin. After that phone call they called back and said that he didn't fall, he jumped out of his truck after it was hit. Talk about getting nervous. Hope to hear from him before he comes home. A little time off work with him, my dad and older brother is definatly needed, oh and some fishing and tossin back a few will be in order. Maybe a few days at the cabin for all that. *A few of you seen this on two other forums, but that I would throw it up here as well. If you have a family member or friend coming, tell them Thank You.
  5. Thanks everyone SD, Yep, that was already brought up. After I was home from work on the day that she told me, she goes "Yes I know, we are cutting it close to the Salmon run." I ticked her off a little when i told her that actually, the salmon start running as early as July, just not in big numbers. I thought that it was pretty funny She didn't
  6. I am happy to anounce that I am gonna be a new daddy all over again. For awhile she was not feeling good, then it would go away and come back again. She went and had a blood test done yesterday afternoon, and it came back positive. She is 4wks along, and they figure the due date to be around August 30th. Can't wait for the little one to get here. Time to think about getting the big V word.
  7. Nice looking gun, but ugly price. I say that all the time, then I find myself looking at guns around that price. I can't say anything bad about Bushnell scopes as I have never owned one. But I have two Leupold scopes, one on my 7mm mag and one on .223 The one on my 7mm is a Vari X II (price) $250 the one on my .223 Vari X II $175 used and notta thing wrong with it. All I can say is shop around before you buy your women a gun and scope. For example my 7mm (at the big chain stores such Jays, Franks, Gander Mountain, in Michigan) was running around $700 or more. My dad told me to go through a guy that he knew, and I paid something like $500 for the gun, through the same guy for the scope as well $250. What about a .270 or .280? Do you think that she would be able to handle those? Not alot of recoil for either guns, flat shooting too. If not, I have found and heard that they make pads for the stock, kinda like the Limbsavers for your bow. Actually Simms Vibration Laboratory makes one as well. You migh be able to look at Cabelas or Bass Pro Shop or other sporting good stores near you for one. Any way you go, good luck, and don't piss her off after taking her the range
  8. John. I will get in touch with a few Taxidermist, and see how much they charge for tanning. A buddy of mine from work has a younger brother who is into mounting, and said that they send their hides all the way to cali for a "rough tan". At first they were only charging $55, now they are charging $95 per hide He told me what I needed to buy and would only cost me, at the most, $10. I don't know, maybe their won't be a fee, just shipping and handling
  9. A nice cold bottle of budweiser. After awhile i have to quit tying because everything just does not seem to go where it is supposed to lol Of course that is when I am tying. Don't tie as much as I should.
  10. I have two FULL deer hides sitting my garage. One of them was dropped tonight, while the other is still on the deer. I am going to keep some for myself off of one of the hides, but the rest is up for grabs. You will need to find someone to tan them for you or I can tan them. If I do it, it will be a few month's before you get them. Let me know. FIRST COME ----- FIRST SERVE *if I do the tanning, their might be a small fee, have to think about it* Please post here and not in a PM or Email. I will check this thread daily. Thanks.
  11. We have the Kodak DX4330. I think that this one takes excellent pics. It has a button for close-ups, so i use that when taking pictures of my flies. It could be a little better, as some of the pictures are a little blury. Other than that, i like it.
  12. Nothing like landing a winter Steelhead on a cold day
  13. ....Been awhile since I been here. With work and hunting, I have a hard time staying home. Then you should hear the warden......NAH, probaly don't want too. I know that this don't have anything to do fishing but I took a 5pt opening morning of gun season. Took a doe this past saturday morning and evening. Now time to fill that restricted tag. Can't wait to get on the water for some fall Steely fishing. Been having dreams of steelhead dancing on the water, breakingmy line.....ERRRRRRRRR I mean coming to the net, yeah that's it. Will try like hell to stop in a little more.
  14. I picked some Micro Chenille from Franks Outdoors in Linwood last year. They have a whole full of different colors, and sizes of Chenille. Just a FYI
  15. Well Jack, I think that you have just spoke for two of us here, lol (or the majority). I said Rods. Why? Because, each and every single rod has it's purpose. That is not including the line and leader. I personally think that matching a rod to the fish you are going to tangle with is a big deal.
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