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  1. #2 for sure!! I think it places just enough more emphasis on the bird's head and face,and this slight difference lends an enormous amount of extra "drama" to the shot!! Good luck with whichever shot you choose! Sulphernut
  2. BTW, I saw on the "crawl" across the bottom of my local news screen this morning,that Singer/Actor Jerry Reed has gone to meet his maker! See what I mean??? Sulphernut
  3. I hear ya Dart!! Seems like I'm getting news like this evey other day !! Sulphernut
  4. The Cicada's over in my neck of the woods have very little orange in them as well!! Problem is,the fish in our area (especially the trout) don't seem to give a hoot one way or the other!! Every time I have seen one on the water around here,it has thrashed and paddled it's way out of sight,completely unmolested!! I think they scare the trout around here!! :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: Sulphernut
  5. I must apologize for the former post!! Further research indicates that while the pictures appear to be authentic,there is some question as to exactly where the catch took place!! It seems this fish has enjoyed quite a bit of exposure on the 'net!! Again,my apologies!! Sulphernut
  6. I use both brands,and like them both,but for this particular set of parameters,I'd have to lean toward the Whiting stuff! Sulphernut
  7. Speaking of Pike!! This is a new record Northern Pike in 1000 Island . He caught it in Chippewa Bay Check this thing out? The man by the name of Hotchkiss (in the photos below), was fishing and caught a 36" Pike, as he was reeling it in, a 56" Pike tried to eat it !!!!! He landed them both in the same net. The last picture is unbelievable.
  8. I'd LOVE to come,but I'm afraid that If I go to Louisiana, I wouldn't be able to leave!!! :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: Sulphernut
  9. I would second everything that Chase Creek said,and add LIGHTING!! I don't know about any of the "older" folks on the boards here (of which I am one!) but I seem to be needing more light each year that goes in the books! Sulphernut
  10. I was going to post a compliment on your work,and then saw that "cencalfly" said what I had in mind,almost ver-batim!!! Nice flies and pics!!! Sulphernut
  11. From everything I've read regarding the tying of soft hackles, ( I am FAR from an authority!) the two things that seem to be constants,are: THIN body, and SPARSE hackle. One of the surest ways to keep the hackle sparse and neat,is to tie whatever feather you are using,in by the tip,rather than the "butt". This can be delicate work indeed (the tip of the average partridge body feather is probably finer than a human hair,and not nearly as strong) but with practice it can be done with consistancy! And,it does make a difference!! Sulfernut
  12. Like glm38, I have never found a pair of hackle pliers that I have been completely happy with. When Whiting started marketing saddle hackles in dry fly sizes,that are anywhere from 6 to 12 inches long,I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!! The best hackle pliers I can remember having were a pair of Thompson "Duplex" pliers,back when I first started tying. These had a rubber jaw opposite a serrated brass jaw,and gripped a hackle like sheer death!! ......Don't know what ever became of them!! I bought a "knock off" pair several years ago,burt they are not even close to being as good as the originals! These days,I'll bet I have 10 or 12 pliers,in every style imaginable. If I can't use my fingers,I just keep trying different pliers 'til I find one that won't cut the fearther I happen to be working with!! Sulfernut
  13. Yeah!! Where DID you get that box?? I want one....or five!!! Sulfernut
  14. bear-kodiak....Maybe I ought to tell you why I ask,ehh?? !! I make my home in the Lehigh Valley. In Somerset NJ,there are two shows every year dealing with fly tying/fishing. These are about an hour away from me! I usually have no problem ordering hackle through the mail,if I HAVE to. When it comes to colors that there is not much question about (brown,grizzly,white,etc.) However,if I were looking for something like a bronze dun, I think I'd want to see it in-hand before I bought it. All (and I do mean ALL) of the fly shops in my area have folded their tents,so these two shows are the only real oppurtunity I have to purchase materials "hands on". What I'm getting around to,is that if you aren't TOO far west,it might be worth the trip. (provided of coursse that you don't need these feathers today!!) I mention it,because when I was there in January,it seemed to me that there was an unusually high number of hackle merchants in attendance. Seemed like everywhwere I looked,there were piles of necks and saddles,in every color imaginable!! Some sweet deals as well. Just a thought!! Sulfernut
  15. What part of the Keystone state are you in mate?? Sulphernut
  16. I have to weigh in on this one!! I have two original Matarelli whip finish tools,and have never needed to look elsewhwere!! The only "modification" I have made to them was to take a piece of heat shrink tubing,and shrink it onto the handle...this had the effect of making the brass handle a tad larger in diameter,and more importantly,less slippery. On the flip side of the coin,these tools being so good,has probably kept me from ever learning to whip finish by hand!! ( I never get serious about it!!) I can see where whipping by hand would be rather handy when I'm tying bass bugs,and anything large. But when it comes to trout sized stuff,I'll take the tool evey time! Speaking of Matarelli tools,I might toss in a comment or two about their bobbins. They are in my opinion,simply the best!! The Matarelli wasn't my first bobbin...but it was my first GOOD bobbin...I bought it sometime in the very late 60's or very early 70's and it's still going strong! I have since added to the collection!! Between the material he uses for the tubes,and the way they are finished they are SUPER smooth! I would stack them up against any ceramic bobbin available today!! Just my 2 pennies!! Sulfernut
  17. I like Sally Hansen's too,but I'll be danged if I can find it in anything but "clear"!! Sulphernut
  18. What Crotalus said!!! :crying: :crying: :crying: Sulfernut
  19. I ran across this site by accident today! Thought the membership might be interested! http://lisa.staton.home.insightbb.com/?vbs...bseorelpath=../
  20. DHise....NO excuses needed!! taking that advice to heart,I find myself in possesion of about 9 pair of scissors!! Can't really pick a favorite...they all have a specific use that they were bought for. For a while there,I was buying a pair every time I went to the fly shop! :hyst: :hyst: Sulfernut
  21. Bud & Fred: Can't believe you guys are in the line of fire ....AGAIN!! Hopefully,this one will blow itself out before causing any major havoc!! In any case,you boys keep your powder dry,ya hear?? Sulfernut
  22. There are no doubt MANY books that would help you out! The guys over at "classic fly tying" ( http://www.classicflytying.com/ ) would no doubt be able to make a more educated recommendation for a beginner than I ever could! ...Use your same log-in information. As to the second part of your question,I woulkd again defer to the experts! The third part,about being willing to pay a bit extra for quality materials,I have an answer : "This is a GOOD thing!!" :hyst: Sulfernut
  23. A recipe WOULD be great....Looks like a salty version of a "Zoo Cougar/Flatwing hybrid.
  24. Mickalo: Regarding the Marc Petitjean Magic Tool... I agonized over buying this tool for quite awhile,due to the price....HOWEVER....It does make easy work out of the operations for which it was intended! Yes,if you feel you could make use of it,buy it by all means, (another HOWEVER ....) Know this: The instuctions that come with the tool itself are nearly useless!! The DVD that sells for anywhere from $22.00 to $29.00 is nearly essential. From what I've been able to find,there is precious little out there in the way of instruction besides this DVD. Put it this way....I owned the tool for several months,playing with it from time to time,and was rather frustrated with it....Then,I broke down and bought the DVD,watched it once,and many questions were answered! Once you realize a few basic tricks of the thing,it becomes second nature,and things get much easier....QUICKLY!! I wouldn't recommend it to a beginning tyer,but if you have basic tying skills pretty well mastered,it will broaden your horizons for sure!! Sulfernut
  25. C.Creek....You don't happen to have a picture of this device,do you??? Sulfernut
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