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  1. Great flies everyone! Just got them today... Gotta say I have a favorite though, riffleriversteelheadslayer, can you share the recipe(either on here or email please) That fly rocks! :headbang: Look forward to fishing all of them... :yahoo:
  2. Great flies everyone! Just got them today... Gotta say I have a favorite though, riffleriversteelheadslayer, can you share the recipe(either on here or email please) That fly rocks! :headbang: Look forward to fishing all of them... :yahoo:
  3. Thanks Jon, no apologies needed! We really appreciate the time you took out of your busy life to get all of this organized and completed successfully! Thanks again and I look forward to the flies...as well as future swaps with you guys!!! :headbang:
  4. Your kind words are appreciated Will! I have only you to thank! I still use the vise you sent me daily :headbang: Thanks for all of your help! As for the flies, they will hit the mail in the AM! -Asleep
  5. Thanks guys for allowing me to stay in...and sorry for any inconvienence! I tied a bright little beetle that I THINK will work great, but have never fished it. I have over 500 flies I have tied, and haven't fished a single one...so it isn't saying much...Not any rivers/stream where I am...it's ok though... :dunno: Asleep
  6. Hey guys :coffee: ...I am sorry for the late reply :butt: ! I finally have my flies finished :coffee: :yahoo: ...I didn't think I was going to be able to follow through with the things going on right now :nopity: ...but I made myself sit down and tie my fingers off :punk: . I have, and I would like to send them out right away. If it is too late I understand :scared: ...I just hate the thought of not following through! :nono: BTW I tied a "disco Beetle"...lol! If you guys still want me in, all I need is an address and they will be in the mail! :dunno: :headbang: Sorry for any inconvienence :wallbash: , I know you guys need these to fish... Asleep
  7. :yahoo: Thanks Will, hopefully they will catch you something next time you are on the river for steel...I will tie something more intricate this time...the least I can do for getting me started... :yahoo: No, got it from when I tried my hand at float fishing..thought it was me, but realized I have no interest in bobbers! :hyst: :dunno: :headbang: Now it fits cause I used to fish almost everyday, and now it has been once since June It will hopefully even out soon enough, and until then, I tie flies! :yahoo:
  8. I don't know the names of my flies...I generally don't tie conventionally! But they do catch steel...and that's all that matters :dunno: :headbang: :yahoo:
  9. Hey guys, if there is room, count me in! I havent been tying very long, but got a few good ties under my belt! :headbang:
  10. I live in Highland, CA. IT looks like it is less than and hour away. Maybe I will head there tomorrow, check it out, I need some supplies anyway. I am having so much fun with these flies, I am doing close to a dozen a day... I appreciate all the responses, makes me want to keep tying. If you guys are anything like me, you like looking at pics. Any suggestions on what to use for a steelhead swap out of the one's I posted... p.s.-These are all the ones I have tied, not just posting the good ones...so you can see it as it truely is... Thanks for any advice! Andrew
  11. Thanks, I am actually having trouble thinking within the box. I have a book, the fly tying bible, great book, but they don't quite seem the same if you don't make them more individual...you know! Here are a few more, tied this morning before work and then again after, here they are... The brown one with antennae and wings is made from my dogs hair, it has cool black tips...also I wrapped some in lead wire to help them get down...
  12. :headbang: :dunno: :bugeyes: :headbang:
  13. Here are a few more, should I be embarassed to enter the last one in a fly swap? Or any suggestions on which I should use..it's a steelhead swap...I like the last pink one! This next one is made with my wife's hair, she is great!---->
  14. Thanks for the tips, I know I wasn't doing it right, but I sort of like the 'everywhere' buggy look. He is a full pit, and is 90lbs of pure baby :crying: :baby: He is an awesome dog, and has such a good heart. I was lucky enough to work from home when we got him(got him young, too young!) until about he was a year and a half. I prepped 'dog meals' for him, and mixed with premium dog food. And he kept growing. His father was 65lbs and mother was 51lbs. So he is a freak of nature. But I will tell you this, best darn security you can buy...but little do people know that if you broke in he would be belly up waiting for you to pet him!!!
  15. We'll call this Tank after our other pup... :dunno:
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