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  1. Hello everyone, its been a while since I have posted here (or been out fishing). Took almost a two year rest from it, but got back into the water 3 days ago. That first day in....a 22" female brown plus 4 other 14-16" browns. Unfortunately steelhead fishing has ruined me, as many people said it would.
  2. found a website with printable stensinls that I copied onto cardboard then cut out with an exacto. Works good Thanks Chris
  3. the saugeen below denys dam is still producing some ontario steel. Havnt been, but I have been talking to members of the steelhead groups in that area that say they are still pulling fish out (up to 7 days ago). Chris
  4. Wonder if anyone could help me here I know the g loomis venture reels are still selling well. I would like to make a large purchase from a wholesaler ( to reduce my unit cost ). Anyone know if there are wholesalers out there that carry this product (or other popular reels)?? Thanks Chris
  5. tightlines

    Ice Fishing

    This january will be my first attempt at ice fishing (not really going for the fishing, but the 48 hour long party) I am being told that walley and whitefish will be plentiful when we are up there. Any patterns I could tye up?? I imagine it will be a jigging system that I use, so chinelle and marabou jigs would probably work (maybe even glowing patterns). Anyone have any recipes or suggestions? Thanks
  6. So my first day out with the new wade boots (sims guide boots) and I miss stepped and dragged my cleats across the top of the boot. Are there toe guards available to prolong the life of boots?? Chris
  7. broke down and bought the Simms L2 Boots (rubber soles)
  8. To whom ever recomend this book to me, thanks its amazing.
  9. http://image34.webshots.com/34/9/86/30/284...89DIQAIQ_ph.jpg There happened to be another fisherman down river where I landed this bow, so he took this picture for me. I hooked up at the tail of a pool, which happened to be just above where a large tree fell over. I thought I could horse this fish away from it, but it went right under it, so I followed. Almost went for a dangerous cold swim, but made it, ran about 50 yards down river through the rapids until this fish finally gave up and I could beach it. Caught 2 others, but they were smaller (and nobody was around to take the pics) Chris
  10. Carver by vent them, do you just mean drill holes in them. Any place in particular?? Thanks I am looking at a set of Simms felt studdeds wade boots, but probably wont pick them up till start of regular season up here (april) (the boots are on back order)
  11. If that was a shark, it could be a Tiger, they get big. I guess the shark could have thought the surfer was food and then realized as it got close that it wasnt. insane none the less.
  12. http://www.hooklineandsinker.ca/Gallery/ga...o2005/shark.jpg
  13. I have heard that by the time you get to the river they are caked up with leaves/snow/mud ....... Guess its not a problem once you step in the water Whats the difference between an ordinary waterproof boot and a wading boot??
  14. I just got my sims guide waders yesterday and need an affordable pair of boots. I want to stay away from felt soles. Any advice?? Chris
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