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  1. I tie in the winter in anticipation of fishing local PA and usually a trip to MONTANA. There are 3 or 4 fellow anglers that are in the same groove. I will tie 3 to 7 of the same "pattern" so we can trade, mix and match. When you find something that works ( and there are lotsa fish ) it is fun to share. Dave
  2. I took a tying class with the local TU. I thought it was extremely cool and before the class never considered tying flys. I do it now for several reasons; it is FUN, I tie flys that are usually more durable than store bought,I can tie what I want, son of a gun my flys actually catch fish. I also find it very relaxing; turn on the geezer rock sit down at the bench and get into the zone. Dave :headbang:
  3. FTF and RBF Are super, excellent The superlatives can go on and on. I am not a frequent contributor but a frequent visitor. I have learned much and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. I have also directed several people to the site(s) who want to learn more about fly fishing. The feedback I get from newbee flytyers is that there is need for indepth review of basic techniques, possibly a glossary of terms and techniques used in basic tying. Video of basic stuff, possible? Bibliography of reference books on fly tying,entemology.etc. I have seen alot of this in posts but searching thru old posts gets kinda tedious. Just some thoughts. If nothing changes on these sites I'll still keep coming back. Great job. Dave
  4. Thanx guys. Got the info I need from the posts. Dave
  5. looks like fun and easy. Thanx Dave
  6. Canon digital . SD 700 or SD 1000. Small, compact and takes awsome close up and portrait and landscape pics. Shop around on the internet. There are alot of places selling and the prices keep coming down. I have a SD1000. It is great. Da ve
  7. Trying to tie efficiently, what is te most efficient method of tying and preping wings. Wing burner sounds intriguing. I have seen ways to make these from brass. It seems pretty easy however, can you get wing burners that don't cost a mint and work well ?
  8. I have used nylon furrled leaders for years on 3wht and 5wht. When they start to sink it is because they are dirty. Soap and water works. Rinse well. I don't use floatant on my leaders and really havent noted any problem as long as the leader is clean. I figure if the leader is dirty so is the line so I clean that also. 2 or 3 times a year. Dave
  9. I've used the handsfree. They do work.The only problem is when you are busting thru the brush they seem to catch on every pricker bush in sight. Ouch! The velcro and loop are the best
  10. I have used denatured alcohol to thin epoxy. It works fine. Use 50/50 epox /ETOH. One advantage is it doesn't evaporate as fast as acetone giving you longer work time. Once you get it on your application ,however it seems to dry just as fast as using acetone. Hope this helps; Dave
  11. Now I got 'er. Thanx Flytire Cutbow
  12. Thanx Flytyer. There is no recipe but I thik I can figer it out
  13. A friend asked me to tie some flys for him. One of the requests was for a "Green Goblin", supposedly a dry fly for trout. Has any body ever heard of this ? I'd appreciate any input. Cutbow :dunno: :dunno:
  14. Three guys streamside gearing up to fish. Guy 1: Man, my wife made me promoise to finish tiling the kitchen tomorrow so I could go fish. Guy 2: Yeah, me too I have to clean out the gutters. Guy 3: silent Guy1 to guy3: Hey what about you? Reply: Alarm went off at 5:30. I rolled over and said to my wife "fish or sex?" She said "Don't forget your sunscreen".
  15. I,ve recently become a browser of the local dollar stores. They have many things fly tyers and rod builders can use. I recently found plastic drewer organizers that stack on top of each other and have now organized all my feathers that were previously in shoe boxes.
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