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  1. Saw Oliver Edwards at the British Fly Fair this year, and one of the patterns that struck me for its simplicity and effect was his caddis flies, which were tied with 'Magic Tape'. I haven't seen this effect before, and have tied a few up......They look great (simple yet realistic). To create the wings, dubbing or hair is placed on the sticky side of the tape. This will be on the underside of the wing. The tape can then be cut into a small rectangle, folded, and then cut into the shape of caddis wings. The top can then be coloured with marker pens, and glued if necessary. A dubbed body to the hook is then created, wing tied in, thorax tied in (i use peacock), and then hackle and antennae if you wish (you can use stripped hackle for the antennae/tusks)......Job done :hyst: You do not really have to go much above a size 12 for this pattern ( well i'm used to the chalkstreams, so a size that suits the river you use) Hope thats alright Tell me what you think! Best regards from England Chris
  2. Good cabinet- i must get one myself!
  3. Thanks alot I'll try that now
  4. Just quickly wondering how you get an image under your username when you make a post. being new to the forum, i'm not quite sure, though most other members seem to have an image underneath their username. Cheers Chris
  5. Hi everyone, I'm having a problem tying in the finished married salmon wing, having only just started tying classsic salmon flies. Any help would be most useful. Chris
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