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  1. IMHO, I think a sink tip, at least 6ips, is the only way to go. I fish for smallmouths in the Susquehanna. Always a current, and with a sink tip, you don't have to put all the lead on your streamers, so much better action. A fast sink tip will get you to the bottom and the streamer will suspend 4" off the bottom, right in the strike zone. In the summer, a intermediate of WF floating for the poppers. In lakes where you fish, I would say a full sink line would be in order. come on spring, it's snowing outside now, 6" of the stinkin' stuff already!!
  2. Merry, merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year Let's hope it's a good one, without any tears ------ John Lennon Mike, me too!! I have a relative in NJ though. So next fall I'm heading down there for the "fall run" My brother has a 26' Grady White with twin 275's, but the surf is still the most fun for us fly rodders. Come on 05'
  3. The last few weeks have been "banner" weeks for stripers along the Jersey shore. Many fly rodders have been tearing them up around Ocean City and Atlantic City. From the surf in daytime!! Next year for this guy!!!!! I'm now reading a book (Christmas present) "On the run" about the striper migration. Maine to North Carolina. I've got a dozen or so with live eels on a boat at the "rips" near Cape May, 35" to 40", but next year I'm going to fish the migration with my long rod, in the surf!!!!! I can't wait!! And a fly pretty close to the one in your picture. WoolyBugger
  4. bassturd, Maybe the boat guy at Duncannon is fixing his boats for next year! LOL I think when people rent boats, they bang them into rocks to try and wreck them to justify the high cost of renting. IMHO! Everyone wants to get a bank for their buck!!! Just be thankful you didn't sink to the bottom of the Susky in the crappy boat. The river is 5.2', and will be 5' tomorrow. Perfect for smallie fishing. WB
  5. Steeldrifter, Simply a wonderful picture, Office Space is one of my favorite flicks. I think I'll watch it again tonight. Thanks. Actually right now!!! As for reels, any reel on a 3 wt will do. You'll never get to the backing!! LOL The creek is only 15 feet wide. Go with the lightest. fish on, WoolyBugger
  6. A zero weight? You're quite the sportsman. Lite tackle is the only way to go. tight lines,
  7. Sink tip with a olive wooly bugger. Size 6 4x with lead eyes. Still the greatest, after all these years! Probably better than live bait! WoolyBugger
  8. Looks like you cut off the end of a tube!! I've tried the same thing. It still doesn't have the great action of a wooly bugger. IMHO Marabou is the light weight action for a fly rod. Plastic is the heavy, not as good, action for a spinning rod. When my friends use senkos and plastic grubs, I use buggers and clousers and always outfish them. Top water, forget about it, poppers will outfish any stinkin' big hooked top water plug the tackle boys have. Really, no contest!! Why not just stick with feathers and hackle? Looks better in the water, catches more bass, and is so much better to cast!! Tight lines, WoolyBugger
  9. I've been tying poppers myself. Just finished 5 a few minutes ago. LOL If you go to Gander Mountain and purchase a bag of preformed foam popper heads (only 2.49) any size you like. Go to WalMart and purchase crazy glue and cheap finger nail polish, and clear finger nail polish epoxy hard shell. Tie some thread on your hook, a drop of crazy glue, press on the head, and paint the head with finger nail polish. Then apply the stick on eyes. When dry, paint clear sealer polish, and after a couple min. finish the popper. I make wonderful poppers all the time. Cheap, quick, and easy. After you catch some bass, the crazy glue will keep the foam head from twisting. You can chose the hook size and type you like, and the colors. Big advantage over the store bought crap. I've used hackle, marabou, and hair. All seem to work great for me. Also, it's a lot of fun to tie your own. Tight lines, WoolyBugger
  10. I've tried it, but it's too boring for me. I like to rip a streamer like the smalliehunter said. The hellgie, stonefly, or whatever has to look very realistic, because the fly will just sit there. My home tied stuff doesn't look all that great. I usually catch a lot of bass, an awful lot, so I don't like the slow drift stuff. This past week I've been smacking the smallies pretty good with top water. Loud popping poppers. They almost broke my St Criox!! So slow upstream drifting wouldn't be something I'd do. good longrodding, WB
  11. Wow!! huge carp I see carp like that, maybe smaller, approx 20 lbs, right here in PA. They must be spawning here also. They're stacked up at the shoreline. Next time I'm dropping a woolybugger right in front of them, and I'll see what happens. Thanks for the great pics. I have a digital camera, but not a tripod. Seems like too much to carry!! So I can't set the timer and smile with a carp in my hand. I'll just snap some pics on the shore. LOL Maybe one pic of me smiling and one of the fish. That might work. I could always paste them together. WB
  12. WoolyBugger

    Sink Tips

    Will, I use a 6 wt St Croix with a sink tip (6ips) and I love it. I always carry an extra spool in my vest with floating line. No problems at all. The sink tip will go right to the bottom and unweighted buggers or streamers have such a killer action. I wouldn't use anything else in water over 4' deep. With all the neat flys you've shown us, you should really smack the smallmouth!! You can roll cast first, then send it out. You're a young guy, a little casting with a fly rod won't hurt you at all. Actually, some fresh air and mild exercise will do you some good. Enjoy your fishing, you don't have to stay in bed to make your shoulder better. You will be suprised how your numbers will improve with a sink tip line. WoolyBugger
  13. For me, Smallmouth Bass!! Wading waist deep in the warm gin clear water, bass rising all over the place, another evening on the Susquahanna, with a olive wooly bugger, or a popper. It doesn't get any better than that!! But all this talk of those huge carp that will hit a small wet fly. In the summer I see them all over the place. This year I'll target some carp with my 5 wt. So watch out carp. WoolyBugger
  14. Hello, Great site!! I found this site by accident! I just registered. Thanks, CopperFly!! I'm a fly fishing fanatic. I love to fly fish for smallmouth in the Susquahanna. And I love to fly fish for trout in all the local trout streams. I started with spinning, then evolved to ultra lite spinning. I've perfected rooster tails with 2 lb. test for trout, and modified senkos for smallmouth bass. But there was always something lacking. Nothing beats a fly rod. But now I have much better success with a fly rod, and so much more fun. I tie all my flies, and can honestly say that I usually outfish my buddies when they use their soft plastic crap while I use my long rod with streamers and buggers. LOL I've really been smacking the trout with my 3 wt. I can tell that this will be my best year yet! And soon I'll be fishing for smallies with my 6 wt. This is such a neat site, I'll be cheching it out whenever I get a chance. I hope to meet some of you long rodders, and exchange some info and fly tying stuff. Always catch & release, WollyBugger
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