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  1. Just picked up the new book "Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing for Carp". In case you were wondering it is not an advertisement for Orvis but a well documented and organized way to go out and catch carp with a fly rod. I am new to the whole carp seen and this book seems to be a very good resource. I have some local ponds and streams where I live and it gives me an excuse to go out and fish instead of sitting on the sofa.
  2. It seems like the same magazines regurgitate the same articles year after year only with different photos. The only magazine I find refreshing is The Drake. If you have never read it I encourage you to pick up a copy its that good. Its the only magazine I never throw out. Personally, I like the ads, without them your magazine price would be much higher or out of business.
  3. Great looking shrimp. You just gave me a few ideas, heading down to the Gulf side of FL later this month.
  4. Believe it or not, I catch alot of smallies on this pattern in my favorite local "warmwater" rivers.
  5. After I am done chasing steelies I am going to try my hand at trout fishing some of the St Joe tribs this spring/summer instead of smallie fishing (too easy). Any suggestions from you Michigan guys on what I should be tying. Patterns and sizes should be helpful. In addition, could someone recommend what rod length/wt/action I should be using. Thanks in advance for your response.
  6. I just put everything down in a sprial bound notebook, kinda of primitive, but it works for me.
  7. I will send mine early next week. Almost done!
  8. Steeladdict here and Steeladdict37 on M-S
  9. I second the bugger packs, worth the money.
  10. I use the C and F bobbin, it is very comfortable to use and would absolutely work when you tie midges. Thread control is pretty nice. I am still not sure if they are worth the $40, but they are built to last forever. I do find myself looking for my Rite bobbin when I am looking for better thread control. The Rite bobbin is still about $20-$25.
  11. I bought the coastal pack this fall and I love it. I am not sure if I will ever go back to my vest again. They are pricey, but you can find good deals on Ebay.
  12. I am going to be fishing Sarasota Bay at the end of Feb. Does anyone have a suggestion on what flies I should be bringing with me for reds and snook. I have an 8wt T-3, any suggestion on flyline/leaders. Will I be underpowered with an 8wt. First time in the saltwater for me. I am going out with 2 hardware fisherman so they are no help, I think they throw out some pilchers and wait for something to hit it. Can't wait to outfish them. Thanks.
  13. I had a great experience with purchasing Action Optics prescription glasses too. I can't believe the things that you can see in the water. I would recommend them to anyone!
  14. Thank you, I will give him a call.
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