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  1. Hi, I still cant open or see classicflytying.com. Everything else on FTF I can open. Tried with iexplorer and with mozilla firefox. I have done what SmallieHunter suggested. I have also tried with several other computers but as I said, cant open the classic site What about you other norwegians, can you open the classicflytying.com site, or is is it just me who are out in the cold????
  2. yes, i can open everything on the forum exept the classical site. I understand notthing
  3. THIS REALLY DRIVE ME NUTS :wallbash: :crying: :shocking: :jumpy: , I JUST CANT OPEN THE SITE. HOPE YOU CAN FIX IT
  4. done that but i still cant open the classictying.com site
  5. hi, i dont get connection with the classicflytyingsite.
  6. Hi folks. I finished this one to day. It was a fight from start to finish with the winging. I tied it in hand, destroyed 4 pairs of wings and ended up with this crappy one. My goal was to get a more modern showlook but i belive i will done it better if i use the vise. It wasent fun at all to tie this one, to much struggle with the winging, i dont understand why because it wasnt any trouble to set the wing on my last GH. Well, feel free to pick it apart
  7. Thanks guys. If you want a bigger pic of them pm me your emailadress and i send you a big pic. Mostly from last year but there are some old ones from I start tying these kind of flies. The smallest ones is probably 3-4 years. When i started tying victorians i tied only on size 8,6, and 4 and only on metaleyed hooks. I didnt know anything about sizes or blindeye hooks. Tied hundreds of these small sizes, patterns or pictures i found on the internet. Mostly i use em in my fishing but i also sell many or give em away to friends but remember they was very very crappy and its probably not right to call em victorians hehe.
  8. Thanks I store my tying materials, i dont store my flies, when they have swim they look like crap anyway hehe
  9. Maybe my fav pattern, looks nice but there are some areas ........ I got a good tip from a guy once and he said: LOOK on the tip and tell me what you see. LOOK on the tag and tell me what you see. LOOK on the tail and tell me what you see. LOOK at the butt and tell me what you see. Do this with all of the elements on the fly, pick it apart so you learn to see what you can do otherwise, better and so on.When I start with this, I start seeing what i earlyer was to blind to see PS I dont say i see everything now but i see much much more now. Keep up the good work
  10. Great tie :headbang: :headbang: agree about a better hackel, hackel could also be closer to the tinsel on the first wrap. Very good work, bet it get you a kill if you fish it
  11. Looks very nice, :headbang: its a killer for the river
  12. Looks very very good, TL isnt a easy fly to tie because of its lack of an underwing, at least for me. Great work
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