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  1. I asked Missus Santa If I could have this for Christmas. Lucky for me she stopped chasing me after the third mile! I think the double bladed axe slowed her down a little! Maybe Dave could buy this and then loan it out to everyone on the board! :bugeyes: http://cgi.ebay.com/RARE-UNUSUAL-FLY-TYING...1QQcmdZViewItem Tim
  2. I should have mentioned that I already have Dave's post printed out. One reason I was looking for a list is that I'm making a order pretty soon and don't want to forget anything. Thanks for the input guys! I sent a Pm with my address.(Dave) Thanks again
  3. I've been tying flys for many years now, and like many others I have found that most of my tying materials are totally useless for tying Salmon flys! I have Radencich and Alcott's books,and have spent many hours on this forum going thru the older posts. One problem for beginners is what materials to buy and what not to buy. To buy all thats available a person might have to auction off a body part or two just to pay for it! And if the other half finds out how much you spent you might lose a few important body parts! If you search "materials" on this board you get 24 pages,most of which don't deal with materials. So I had the though that someone could make a beginners list. A list with the bare minimum of what a person has to have. There are posts here that offer hints of what you might need but you really have to look. A person will run into alot of interesting and helpfull posts while searching, so going over old posts is a good idea for everyone. I thought it might be good to make a "You will need these materials list" Hopefully this list should cover most of the beginner type flys that people should start on. Anyway I thoght this might be a good topic for a sticky post. Thanks Tim
  4. Boy am I glad I saw this! I am making up a list and have been shopping the various stores. I had site on my list! Not any more!
  5. Just ordered Mike Radencich's book from "buy.com" the list price was $30.00 with free shipping. But they have a deal running where you can pay for the book through "Google Checkout" and get another $10 off. My total was $20 which is the best I've found so far! If you buy this remember to follow the instructions on the site for check out thru Google.
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